Device turns the page on electronic displays

The electronic display of the future–unveiled Sept. 8 at the San Diego tech conference DemoFall08–looks much like a magazine, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. The device, which has not been given a name, has roughly the same cover dimensions, thickness, and weight of a typical issue of Newsweek. And like the magazine, it can store hundreds of pages of content. Using a technology called electronic ink–also used in the Kindle and Sony Reader Digital Book–the prototype displayed a rotating loop of text and images switching from magazine cover to office documents and then a newspaper page formatted to fit on its letter-size screen. But with a technology breakthrough, the device from Plastic Logic of Mountain View, Calif., contains much lighter plastic-electronic components than its e-book predecessors. It produces more than twice the screen size at about the same weight as the devices from Sony and Amazon.
"If you made a Kindle or Reader with this screen size, it would weigh as much as a laptop," said Plastic Logic product manager Anusha Nirmalananthan. "This weighs less than a pound."

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