To work on his French language skills, Dan Cheon does crossword puzzles. Jennifer Kennel does word-search puzzles. The puzzles are just two of 39 online activities available on Auralog’s Tell Me More language learning software, which is being used by students at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, reports the Chattanooga Times Free Press. "I think it’s relatively simple and straightforward," said Dr. Victoria Steinberg, assistant professor of foreign languages and literature at the school. Yet, "we’ve never had this level of sophistication," she said. Tell Me More is used by 5 million people worldwide and at about 10,000 academic institutions, according to the publisher. While the activities appeal to students who learn in different ways, the software’s speech recognition feature gives it few peers. "The advance speech recognition is what would separate us the most," said Tim O’Hagen, senior education consultant for the Phoenix-based company. "The goal is to use speech recognition to see how close you are to being understandable." With the speech-recognition feature, language learners can compare their vocal skills to basic understandability. "They don’t have to be perfect the first time," O’Hagen said. He said other programs expect learners to immediately match their skills to an online native speaker, but the Tell Me More program allows various levels of success…

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