Comcast appeals FCC’s net-neutrality ruling

Comcast has asked a federal appeals court to overturn an FCC ruling that the company is improperly managing customers’ online traffic, reports the Washington Post. On Aug. 1, the Federal Communications Commission found that Comcast had improperly blocked peer-to-peer programs, such as BitTorrent, that are used to share videos and other files. The company said it temporarily slowed some users’ service when its network was congested. "The commission’s action was legally inappropriate and its findings were not justified by the record," Comcast Executive Vice President David L. Cohen said in a statement. Cohen said Comcast, the biggest U.S. cable-TV operator, still intended to "comply fully" with the FCC order. "I’m certainly disappointed they ended up appealing," FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin said. "The commission has done a very thorough job on investigating the complaint," he said. "We thought we needed to step in and protect consumers’ access to the internet."

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