eSchool News August 2008


eSN Special Report
Soaring gas prices are fueling a rise in virtual field trips.
– Laura Devaney
eSN Special Feature
New assistive technologies make learning more accessible.
– Meris Stansbury

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1 Edison points to Philly in school-rape case
1 Report: Schools need more network bandwidth
1 ISTE unveils new tech standards for teachers
4 Schools try to reach students via podcast
6 CoSN: It’s time to archive your eMail
8 Ed-tech groups give candidates a wake-up call
10 Software to students: ‘I feel your pain’
12 Fewer students pursue computer-related degrees
13 Educators wrestle with digital-equity challenges
14 Police aim to fight crime w/ txt msgs
16 Free online tool targets ‘military brats’
17 Text-message ruling could affect school policies
19 Nintendo DS teaches English at Japanese schools
22 Miniaturized laptops a hit with schools
22 Schools lagging in use of digital assessments
30 NECC highlights ‘transformative’power of technology

…and much, much more


Default Lines
Looking backward.
– Gregg W. Downey
eSN Online Update
Schools might be on vacation—but eSN Online isn’t.
– Dennis Pierce
More news affecting eSchools—quick and to the point.
Grants & Funding
The start of a disturbing trend? Plus,new grant deadlines.
– Deborah Ward
Education in Focus
Vendors target education with easy-to-use AV products.
– Laura Devaney
State Tech Perspectives
Data analysis tools make a difference in North Dakota.
– Dan Pullen
Security Checkpoint
School IT specialists reveal network security strategies.
– Dennis Carter
New web sites for teaching and leading.
Tech Buyer’s Marketplace
Buying intelligence from our K-20 Tech Solutions Center.
eSchool Partners
Key organizations that support the eSchool movement.

Download eSchool News August 2008 Issue in Adobe (PDF) format.