Browser company unveils free curriculum for web site design

The Norwegian browser company Opera has launched a sweeping education initiative aimed at supporting and enhancing web standards education and training in high schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. As part of this initiative, Opera has unveiled a Web Standards Curriculum, which aims to provide a thorough understanding of client-side web design and development. The curriculum is available online, free of charge, under a Creative Commons license. Targeted toward both educational institutions and web developers, the materials cover CSS, HTML, and background concepts, provide instruction on web design theory (including typography, color, and information architecture), and deliver enough introductory information about JavaScript for users to be able to work with JavaScript when it is encountered, including debugging and writing simple scripts, Opera says. "Industry best practice demands standards-based web development, but there’s very little foundation-level information available for students," said Ben Buchanan, a prominent web developer and speaker. "The average beginner tutorial is out of date, and most standards-based articles are beyond beginner level. Opera’s new curriculum aims to fill that gap, with a set of articles showing how to build standards-compliant web sites from the ground up."