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The ten most popular eCN stories of the year

Here are the 10 most popular eCampus News stories from 2011.

Recently, we published our editors’ picks for the 10 most significant higher-ed tech stories of 2011. Now, see what our readers think.

These 10 stories were the most popular among our readers in 2011, as judged by the number of page views they received at If you missed any of them before, don’t worry: You can go back and read them now, simply by clicking on each headline.

Rules could prompt colleges to pull online programs in some states

Online college students in Massachusetts, Arkansas, and Minnesota soon could have more limited school options as colleges and universities plan to withdraw their online programs from those states in response to a much-debated set of regulations…

Text messaging: A lecture hall epidemic?

College students say their professors would be “shocked” to know just how often they send text messages during lectures, and one researcher has offered a simple and stringent solution: Give failing grades to text-happy students…

How online education could stop the higher-ed bubble from bursting

Low-cost online courses could help higher education from becoming the next economic bubble that bursts and inflicts fiscal pain on institutions, investors, and students, say ed-tech experts who want more inexpensive options for those seeking a college degree…

Ending the ‘tyranny of the lecture’

At an ed-tech conference in Boston July 27, Harvard University physics professor Eric Mazur explained how he uses “peer instruction” to help his students engage in deeper learning than traditional lectures can provide—and he unveiled a brand-new ed-tech service that can help educators take this concept to a whole new level…

Google tablets expected to challenge iPad

Apple’s iPad will maintain tablet supremacy for the next four years, but higher education soon could see an influx of tablets that operate with Google’s operating system during the same period, according to an April 11 report from IT research company Gartner…

iPad beware: Android tablets gain foothold in higher education

The Apple iPad’s reign as higher education’s computer tablet of choice might be put to the test as Seton Hall University announced a pilot program that will put Android-based tablets—the iPad’s main rival—in the hands of 350 students and faculty members…

Students stage textbook rebellion at University of Maryland

College students are going without required textbooks, doing their best to eke through the semester without shelling out hundreds in their campus bookstores. With inexpensive alternatives sparse, a group of college activists—backed by the Obama administration—is railing against skyrocketing textbook prices … one campus at a time…

Campus survives the ‘iPad jitters’

Putting Apple iPads in the hands of every student and professor on a PC-based campus required some convincing, but a year later, Seton Hill University officials said the tablet program has changed the way classes are taught…

College students use social media to cheat

Social media and content sharing websites account for one-third of plagiarism among college students, and paper mills are far less popular than once thought, according to a report detailing the most common cheating methods in higher education…

10 of the best apps for higher education

In this special feature, we’ve assembled a list of education “apps” for Apple devices that we think are noteworthy for higher education…

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