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7 features of a next-gen online learning platform

7 features of a next-gen online learning platform

Customized online learning platform removes many differences between face-to-face and online learning

platform-online-learningAs massive online learning platforms like Coursera and edX move past their infant years, one university is taking the next step by partnering with innovative companies to produce a custom-built platform, incorporating next-generation features poised to eradicate many of the differences between face-to-face and online learning.

One of the main critiques of online learning, and MOOCs specifically, is that the courses aren’t equal to face-to-face learning due to a lack of personal interaction and low retention rates.

Yet, the University of Oklahoma (OU), after partnering with social learning technology experts, NextThought, have developed what could be considered the next-generation online learning platform: A platform that delivers social interaction technology, direct lines to professors, customized courses, new video technology for MOOCs, and much more.

And this next-generation platform, called Janux, is destined to serve as a scalable model for higher education institutions across the country, effectively customizing a solution so as to make the courses as face-to-face as possible.

“At [OU] we considered what the most optimal online learning environment would look like and set out to build it,” said Dr. Kyle Harper, associate professor and senior vice provost at the OU. “Like all OpenCourseWare platforms, online engagement differs from the face-to-face experience. OU wanted to tighten the gap between the two learning experiences by establishing its own learning platform. Janux connects students more than any other OpenCourseWare platform we’ve seen.”

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One Response to 7 features of a next-gen online learning platform

  1. paul764

    April 3, 2014 at 10:54 am

    Not to sound like a spoil-sport but none of this is revolutionary. Other schools and companies are doing these things already and anyone could provided they had the money and know-how to pull it together. I was hoping to find something new and exciting in this article.

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