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The business of ed-tech: Plagiarism as education

Plagiarism detection technology is good for more than just a "gotch ya" moment for professors. Reinforcing academic integrity can also be a valuable, punishment-free lesson for students. That's the idea behind…

10 higher education blogs worth following

Between MOOCs, online learning and mobile technology, higher education is a booming topic across the country, with the internet often its most prolific forum. Educators and other ed-tech aficionados hold large…

Universities to explore Internet with…cars

Internet2 will provide electric vehicles to universities experimenting with the Internet of Things

The nonprofit computer networking consortium Internet2 will provide electric vehicles to four colleges and universities to…

One novel approach to creating new ed-tech leaders

It should come as no surprise why college and university leaders are exploring novel approaches to advance education technology and business innovation. A 2013 report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation…

This backlash trend is gaining momentum

In a trend occurring in multiple colleges across the country, students are saying ‘no’ to eBooks, due poor ease-of-use, limited funds for eReaders, and lack of available resources. The most recent…

How to save lives with social media

Dallas, Texas -- The night before Byron Piatt was scheduled to speak about campus emergencies at the 2014 ACUTA conference here, his campus was experiencing an emergency of its own.

New open-source strategy would drop textbook costs to $0

Holding a whiteboard, the University of Maryland-College Park students scrawled their complaints and posed for a picture. “My name is Justin and I spent $114 on ONE textbook,” a student wrote.…

5 technology trends poised to rock higher education

Trends like “devices,” “MOOCs,” and “Twitter,” are making the rounds in higher education, but what do these trends means for admin and students, and how are they affecting classroom practice…

8 surprising facts about undergrads and ed-tech

It’s not every day, after scouring headlines from dozens of news sources, that news—especially education technology news—can surprise a seasoned education writer; but in recent research provided by EDUCAUSE, as…

Here’s how to reach your most social, tech-savvy students

Higher-ed institutions using YouTube, Snapchat to announce student’s acceptance In a trend that’s quickly catching on in many colleges and universities across the country, institutions are turning to trendy social…

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