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School sees ‘explosive’ growth in video content

In just a few years, the College of Business at Florida International University went from having a couple professors willing to try lecture capture to explosive demand that increases each…

Minority institutions receive $13M for STEM education

Grants will help institutions implement STEM education programs, initiatives. The U.S. Department of Education is awarding more than $3 million in new awards to 13 colleges and universities that serve…

Science develops an algorithm for college selection—but does it work?

A new algorithm is using data and predictive analytics to determine, with noteworthy accuracy (90 percent), which institution is the best match for students. What makes it Jetson’s worthy is…

6 ways to support student success

A set of new design principles is intended to increase student success by helping more students complete college. It also aims to close achievement gaps for historically underserved populations. The principles…

‘Going to college’ should be more like hiring a contractor

With a bachelor’s degree now the must-have job credential, pressure is mounting to find ways to make college more affordable. Most proposals to improve access for low-income students focus on tweaking…

Are online adjunct faculty doing any better than those on campus?

According to a new report, online adjunct faculty are experiencing many of the same challenges as on-campus adjuncts, mainly because the same policies governing on-campus adjuncts are used for those…

Nov. 13 news: Your .edu site is changing, and the struggle for online courses

Each Friday, I’ll be bringing you a recap of some of the most interesting and thought-provoking news developments that occurred over the week. I can’t fit all of our news stories…

Iowa State wins national cyber analyst challenge

A cyber competition created by Lockheed Martin and Temple University's Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) to fill the ever-growing need for cyber analysts has a winner. A student…

Internet of Things devices will exceed 6 billion

Estimates indicate that 6.4 billion "connected things" will be used across the globe in 2016--a 30 percent increase from 2015, according to IT research firm Gartner, Inc. In 2016, approximately 5.5…

5 major trends in higher education’s use of social media

If you want to know how other college and universities are using social media today, know this: they’re using it like any other social media-savvy millennial. From a spike in…

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