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University’s digital badges to certify “discrete” skills

Brandman University, a private nonprofit institution, has teamed up with Credly, provider of platforms for managing lifelong credentials, in an effort to enable learners to attain, manage, and share portable…

Windows Server 2012: 4 critical abilities and how to implement well

One door closes, another opens. That adage is apropos not only of the process of matriculation, but of the technology tools on which educational institutions rely. And one of those transitions…

EDUCAUSE’s 10 higher-ed IT issues in 2015

The top IT issues facing higher education in 2015, as outlined in an annual report, include retaining qualified staff, developing funding models, and supporting users in a variety of environments. Technology…

Faculty designs competency-based Master’s program

Walden University is introducing a new self-paced educational experience to help students customize their learning. Offered through Tempo Learning, the initial program is the new competency-based M.S. in Early Childhood Studies…

5 ed-tech highlights from CES 2015

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show is the showcase for newer technologies already in the marketplace and those soon to debut. “What is popular in the consumer market is becoming more…

Looking back and looking forward at higher-ed CyberSecurity

According to various reports, including those from,, and Secure Computing, there were at least 154 data breaches in the U.S., .edu realm in 2014, and another 36 in…

Manufacturers draw in millennials with new training approach

Finding millennials who are interested in manufacturing and have the aptitude for it are two challenges facing manufacturers trying to replace retiring baby boomers. But there’s another: teaching millennials once…

Report: Kick back online learning profits to faculty

Want faculty to adopt the latest in tech-enhanced learning? Kick back some of the profits (e.g. revenue from online learning programs), says a new report. According to this new report published…

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 ways to strengthen higher ed-tech security in 2015

35 percent of all security breaches take place in higher education. 500+ security breaches have occurred at 320+ higher ed institutions since 2005--a rate of just over 1 security breach…

Colleges use ‘smart’ technology in football helmets to detect injuries

Imagine a football helmet with brain wave probes and a device that measures acceleration forces to detect concussions on the field and directly communicate the information to medical staff. Or a…

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