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OER and for-profits: Are we selling out?

Can an advocate for open educational resources (OER) and student equity justify partnering for for-profits? The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has defined OER as “teaching, learning, and research resources that…

Why MOOC OERs are “ultimate necessities” in higher education

Are MOOCs truly the open education innovation they were designed to be? That the question one researcher says those in academia should be asking, considering that though MOOCs are based on…

How to support a massive growth of digital content

The University of Arizona's Center for Creative Photography has implemented's cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution to support its anticipated massive growth of digital content, as well as…

Community colleges could get new state funds

Community colleges in North Carolina could get state support for summer courses and for student scholarships under proposals being considered in the legislature. The state now only funds certain types of…

10 ways to ensure maximum tech effectiveness at your institution

Just two years ago, higher ed CIOs were scrapping for a seat at the table. Now they're firmly in the hot seat. In that short span, IT has become so central…

New pathway in higher-ed sifts out serious professionals

You could almost call the program a trial for those who say they want to be serious professionals: know which skills you need to improve; improve those skills; self-motivate; rely…

State’s community colleges make transfer history

California community college transfer students who meet certain academic criteria will be guaranteed admission to nine historically black colleges and universities, thanks to an agreement between the California Community Colleges…

50 colleges take part in first-ever LGBTQ-friendly online college fair

Hundreds of students will meet with representatives from 50 colleges today during the first-ever online college fair specifically focused on helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning (LGBTQ) and…

State begins placing 16-year-olds in college courses

In Ohio, a new statewide program set to debut in the fall offers students the chance to earn college credit while still in high school--and in some cases, while they…

Website aims to replace community colleges

Could an online education resource eliminate the need for community colleges? Such an undertaking might seem drastic, but it’s exactly what the newly re-launched aims to accomplish.…

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