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Anonymous apps pose new campus concerns

A new generation of mobile apps that let users post gossip, secrets, threats, and other random thoughts anonymously has campus leaders worried about the fallout from such posts—and urging their…

XPrize focuses on ed tech, but will it succeed or fail?

Exciting news hit the presses early last week—the XPrize is funding its first ed-tech competition. The goal: to handsomely reward the team that develops the best open source, scalable adaptive…

Alumni get next-gen event treatment thanks to new software

Relatively new to the higher-ed market, is helping college and university teams to boost alumni attendance by over 50 percent, thanks to next-generation event planning software that can do…

Experts offer new resources for competency-based education

Competency-based education (CBE) is making the rounds in higher education as colleges and universities, eager to explore alternative pathways, discuss the model’s potential. However, many initiatives have already laid extensive…

Op-ed: Demand for a degree and ‘upcredentialing’

You’re sure you could do the job, but the posting says a bachelor’s degree is required and you don’t have one. Requiring at least a bachelor’s degree is one of…

Chicago offers unprecented incentive for students to go to college

Every year, hundreds of Chicago Public Schools students earn decent grades, graduate from high school and then ... flounder. Many of them don't get the encouragement to enroll in college,…

America’s worst colleges may surprise you–here’s why

What are the most important factors influencing higher education? Net price tuition cost? Graduation rates? Student loan default rates?…

Higher education: It’s all about the user experience

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but higher education is in the user experience industry right now,” said one big-name vendor during EDUCAUSE’s annual conference in Orlando. “It’s the first…

Choosing college: What we don’t know

Every September, over one million newly minted high school grads load up the family car with their possessions and head to State U or a private liberal arts college to…

Tech industry looks for students who are…homeless?

The Learning Shelter began as an idea -- to provide those in need with tech tools, mentors and coaching. And it turned into a “what if?” -- a conjecture that…

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