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10 hottest technology topics for CIOs

The annual EDUCAUSE conference is where innovative higher education CIOs go to learn about new industry trends and compare notes on the latest breakthroughs. This year was no exception as…

Accreditation is bigger than a chicken-and-egg problem

Sylvia Manning, former president of the regional accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission, who was also infamously embroiled in the closure of Altius Education, has published a paper with the…

Student career help goes virtual

Chegg is announcing a new area of expansion to its Career Service Center with the launch of virtual career fairs. These virtual career fairs are real-time, online gatherings between prospective…

5 lessons from job-training programs: The original competency-based experts

Community colleges, which have been offering occupational education for decades, have long understood how to address the skills needed by local employers. Now they're also learning how to integrate competency-based…

Being a social CIO at a liberal arts college

Perhaps the most important role that a Chief Information Officer has, is to be an advocate for the role of technology at the senior leadership level.…

Online professional development gets industry prestige

Online professional development gets industry prestige

The T.D. Jakes School of Leadership (TDJ-SOL) instituted by Regent University’s Professional & Continuing Education division (PCE) has joined forces with industry leaders and field experts to offer fully…

Are startups shaping the future for students?

Startup 101 may sound like a cool campus marketing tactic (and you wouldn’t be wrong) but a few innovative universities are going a step beyond by weaving startup culture into…

Students with autism get job retention training

Gaps in social skills, difficulty working in groups, and adapting to change are all hallmarks of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which will affect the job prospects of an estimated 750,000…

Harvard’s ‘active’ system helping other universities improve outcomes

Some students at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill have been improving their test scores by more than 3 percentage points on average in the past year, and it's…

Geospatial revolution crosses disciplines

Geospatial technologies may have quietly entered Americans’ lives via smart phones and electronic toll collection systems, but they are part of a revolution that Keith Masback wants people, particularly educators,…

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