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What to do after a breach

One week after a sophisticated cyberattack exposed more than 300,000 personal records of University of Maryland (UMD) students and alumni, university President Wallace Loh said he would launch a comprehensive…

MOOC: How to design an amazing blended learning course

Designing a blended learning course may seem complicated to people unfamiliar with the vast array of options blended learning provides, but EDUCAUSE, Instructure, and the University of Central Florida hope…

Employers like MOOCs — if they know what one is

Employers are fans of massive open online courses (MOOCs), according to a new study by researchers at Duke University and RTI International. But many first had to have the concept…

4 new April tools for your campus arsenal

An influx of new technologies and resources for higher education have just landed, making this spring/summer 2014 one of the busiest seasons for innovation—and eCampus News (eCN) is highlighting four…

3 Friday Shortcuts

The CEO of EDUCAUSE announces her retirement, ed-tech companies rake in cash, and more in this week’s Shortcuts

Welcome to Friday Shortcuts, a round-up of the ed-tech news that…

5 must-haves for online assessments

As K-12 schools and higher education institutions across the country begin to implement online learning, issues of low retention rates and lack of credibility are some of the main reasons…

Campus emergency alerts, simplified

It might take days for a college student to gather every piece of information on how to respond to campus emergencies -- from assaults, to fires, to shootings and extreme…

Has online learning made the lecture hall obsolete?

College by radio was a failure. College by television was a failure. Now, college by internet. Will it be different this time?

That's the question ABC News' John Donvan…

Desperate or brilliant? Universities offering cash prizes for this

How can the United States remain not only relevant in the technological age, but ahead of other nations in the global economy? For years, this crucial question has perplexed educators and…

New online tool reveals a university’s ‘real’ price to students

New online tool reveals a university’s ‘real’ price to students

How much does college cost? Somewhere between “a heck of a lot” and “not as much as you might think.” Sure, college is expensive, but a new online tool unveiled last…

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