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6 influential technologies on the higher ed horizon

The rise of robots is no longer science fiction; and any institution interested in remaining relevant in the next five years should start advancing “cultures of innovation.” These are just…

Universities look to cybersecurity partnerships

As the information technology industry grows, cybersecurity careers are projected to grow along with it--leading to an increased need for students to pursue cybersecurity at the higher-ed level. National defense leaders…

Minn. colleges try new recruitment, enrollment strategies

Colleges have responded to enrollment drops by changing programming, recruitment strategies and enrollment models. Two-year colleges have to think differently about the students they're recruiting, because they're directly competing with the…

Is it worth training faculty in student engagement?

How can institutions know whether or not professional development (PD) programs for faculty are effective? And does student engagement increase when faculty complete PD courses aimed at promoting student engagement…

Putting the law in order on campus

Lawyers don't always cut the most sympathetic figures, but spare a thought for campus law teams that increasingly find themselves caught in a full-court press.…

Repayment rates can help explain student loans

Colleges and universities have for years used cohort default rates (CDRs) to evaluate how affordable their schools are and how well their students do once they leave campus. But with…

Syracuse iSchool, 2U partner to strengthen online offerings

Syracuse University's School of Information Studies (iSchool) and 2U, Inc. have partnered to further strengthen the iSchool's online graduate degrees, including the Master of Science in Information Management, the Master…

10 must-haves to appease online students

Higher ed online learning students expect a lot from online programs; but with every student’s unique expectations and desires from an online program, how can institutions not only rise above…

New dashboard offers a glimpse of next-gen learning management

An expanded partnership between Echo360 and Instructure will integrate Canvas learning analytics with Echo360’s active learning platform, giving colleges and universities a more complete picture of student engagement and learning. Building…

Stanford expands community college success program

Community colleges across the nation are invited to participate in the College Perspectives Program, an initiative designed to help students cultivate learning mindsets that will support and increase persistence, motivation…

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