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New app lets educators annotate presentations in real time

Casio America Inc. has introduced a new, free mobile application called C-Assist that allows educators to display and annotate content for classroom presentations in real time. The app, which offers…

Why hybrid can be better than fully online learning

Tradition-rich Christian Brothers University watched in alarm a decade ago as online, nonprofit colleges began chomping away at nighttime enrollment. “They all had online options. For many adults, it appeared…

Chalk & Wire releases new version of assessment platform

Chalk & Wire released the latest version of its assessment and ePortfolio platform late-July with added features that include video assessments, mobile platform use, collaborative workspaces, and multi-media feedback.…

Adaptive technologists develop online STEM course of the future

Using "the science of memory," and recent advances in personalized learning, an adaptive courseware provider is developing a STEM course aimed at engaging and retaining at-risk students. A recent recipient…

Missing from campus bookstores: books

Lynn University has removed some merchandise from its campus bookstore -- books. Almost every book needed for the 300 classes offered at the liberal arts university in Boca Raton are…

A cheaper alternative thanks to competency-based education?

Western Governors University (WGU) may hold a unique approach suited for future developments of higher-ed institution competency-based programs: A sustainable, flat tuition rate, and the ability to find employment for…

Digital Issue Article
Why every institution needs an LRM

It’s called an LRM (Learning Relationship Management) platform, and as its founder told me, does for learning what CRM did for sales: It boosts collaborative relationships, yields return-on-investment, and ultimately…

Op-ed: Are education boot camps the new Gold Rush?

Highly motivated individuals are flocking to California, seeking a way to make money in a short amount of time using nothing more than their smarts and a drive to succeed…And…

A new pathway for job-seeking IT students

According to a report by McKinsey, freelance portals will create more than 150 million jobs globally by 2025. And a new education startup called CodersTrust is aiming to teach students…

Harvard creates ‘Big Data’ course for social innovators

Big data has the ability to improve the provision of public services, enable governments to spend taxpayers' monies more efficiently, and advance societies forward. But, what exactly is BIG data?…

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