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What role can MOOCs play in the development agenda? 5 key questions

With the Millennium Development Goals nearing their deadline, the development sector has been rife with speculation about what the post-2015 development agenda will look like and what role, if any,…

2014 break-down: This is how college students use mobile devices

Conducting yearly surveys on how current college students use mobile devices is a smart idea, given the rapid pace of evolving technology. But it’s also a good idea because maybe…

Choosing the right apps for cognitive success

When Alice woke up, and realized she didn’t really fall into a rabbit hole, she convinced herself that it was only a bad dream about a strange place with lots…

The makings of a “One Day University”

One Day University is an adult education program, offered throughout the country, that recruits top university professors to lecture at single-day learning opportunities. Through the program, Blank has been able…

How to recruit and retain faculty for online and blended learning

University initiatives to provide more online and blended learning courses are becoming increasingly crucial for today’s alternative education-minded students. However, without faculty buy-in, these initiatives may never come to fruition.…

New higher-ed app boosts collaboration in real-time

If you're searching for new and innovative ways to present complex material to students, you might want to take a closer look at Lucidchart.…

A transfer-only university system?

Could California State University one day limit enrollment to transfers, admitting burgeoning numbers of community college students but turning away new freshmen? The idea sounds far-fetched, but that scenario was raised…

How online communities can create a ‘connected campus’

In an increasingly competitive market, forward-thinking colleges and universities are integrating social concepts and practices to redefine the admissions process, engage alumni more deeply, and transform the learning experience for…

Digital Issue Article
How competency is changing mainstream education [Infographic]

I tend to see competency-based courses/alternative credentialing like solar energy: They both sprang from urgent need; they are practical, yet challenge the status quo; and both were technically around long…

When innovative higher education policy doesn’t work—and what to do

Sigh. Innovation through experimentation, as all scientists know, happens through failure(s), and according to a new series of papers from The American Academy of Political and Social Science, almost all…

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