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New ranking system uses social, research-based criteria

A new college ranking system from Washington Monthly magazine takes a different approach to ranking the nation's colleges and universities while exploring with industry experts the ins and outs of…

3 legitimate reasons why faculty aren’t using OER

Faculty across institutions aren't using Open Educational Resources (OER)—and the few who are often don’t know they're using them, says an industry report. And the main reasons why faculty won't…

In this tech age, who’s your target learner?

What will university learners require in 10 years? Who will these learners be? How will they learn and what will they demand? Universities must innovate and evolve now to be…

Community colleges strive to study engagement, outcomes

Community college network Achieving the Dream will explore which student engagement behaviors and pedagogical strategies may be leveraged for greater student persistence and completion. The network will collaborate with Echo360. Around…

Why hasn’t higher education been more disrupted?

Virtually every industry has been fundamentally changed by the rise of the Internet. However, even though we are now in a second wave of disruption with the shift to mobile,…

Want to protect research data? Go multi-tiered

How many researchers have mislaid a USB hard drive and had that sinking feeling that months—or years—of work had simply evaporated? Yet, despite the risks, USB drives remain a primary…

New Google –like search technology is curbing course dropouts

In the wake of the multimedia resources boom in campus courses across the world, sifting through hour-long recorded presentations or hundreds of pages of online text to find specific information…

Investors back mobile learning platform for $1.8M

ApprenNet has announced the closing of $1.8 million in its first round of financing. The initial funding was led by Nick Hammerschlag’s Martellus Holdings, with participation from of ed-tech investors…

Students flock to cheaper online core courses

More than 620 students at the University of Akron (UA) have signed up to take at least one of its new online, discounted GenEd Core classes. The classes involve a…

College affordability gets the 2016 campaign spotlight

With college tuition rising, student loan debt increasing, and more students than ever applying for financial aid, 2016 presidential candidates both Democratic and Republican are taking college affordability to the…

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