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10 ed-tech books for summer reading

Summer vacation, while also the perfect time to pretend you’re not enjoying your niece’s copy of Twilight with a mojito in-hand, is also the best time to catch up on…

Game-changing technology reveals student job prospects

Everything can be quantified, measured, and analyzed, and a college student's job prospects are no different. Around 8.5 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed. Perhaps more troubling, 16.8 percent of…

This 1 resource gives colleges a huge advantage

As colleges and universities across the country continue to feel the burden of tightening budgets while feeling the pressure to attract and retain great staff, and also ensuring students are…

This innovation is rocking higher-ed IT

Cloud computing is nothing new, but how higher education institutions are using the technology has certainly become innovative. By using data storage for everything from student loan information to class…

5 fresh ed-tech startups for summer

Ed-tech startup companies have burst into the educational scene in recent years. During the first quarter of 2014, they raised over $500 million — the highest number in capital in…

The danger of passwords and PINs in online education

Authentication of web-based exams is a foundational piece of online education's legitimacy, as many in ed-tech would tell you, and passwords and personal identification numbers are falling short. One in four…

This technology marks a ‘generational leap’ for colleges

This technology marks a ‘generational leap’ for colleges

It doesn’t take a university’s resident budgetary whiz to know that long-term technology cost savings trumps in-the-moment savings, especially when those long-haul savings bring a cutting-edge technology and proven reliability…

10 tech do’s and don’ts for every campus

There’s a wealth of information on what to do, but also what not to do, concerning education technology on college campuses across the country. And though every campus is different,…

5 great educational resources on Netflix streaming

Here are five awesome educational films and TV programs to watch and share on Netflix With Netflix streaming, there are thousands of films and television shows to choose from and…

Debunking the STEM vs. humanities debate

Did you know that almost all of the academic resources that you access online have been thoughtfully, and skillfully, presented by skilled computer technologists? And did you know that those…

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