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5 innovative ways to boost engagement and giving at alumni events

Engagement leads to giving, and one of the best ways to engage alumni is through in-person events. Whether your school’s events are large or small, frequent or rare, there are…

Is your institution under Chinese cyberattack?

In May, the College of Engineering at Penn State shut down its network for several days in response to a cyberattack, making it the latest in a long line of…

MakerBot launches challenge for aerospace engineers, students

A growing number of aerospace companies are embracing 3D printing as they transform how they prototype and manufacture. To support innovation in aerospace engineering, Stratasys, a global provider of 3D printing…

Twitter + mini MOOCs = new social sharing called EdCasting

On Saturday (May 30th, 2015), during the Future Learning 2020 Summit, EdCast, a personal learning network platform, announced what it says is a new social media platform that allows people…

3 ways one university created a new higher-ed model

ince their launch in fall of 2014, Open College at Kaplan University (OC@KU) has had approximately 4,000 unique learners access their course website, and enrolled in 4,800 courses. 104 have…

Purdue students use tech to demonstrate experiential learning

Career-minded Purdue University Calumet students intent on impressing prospective employers with the fruits of their Purdue education will be able to do so in a more accessible manner using a…

Key considerations for expanding the campus community with live streaming

With commencement season in full swing, parents and alumni are flooding campuses nationwide to partake in the festivities. For those unable to make the trek in person, many schools are…

Should more students use LinkedIn?

Fresh out of college in 2002, Itamar Orgad felt uncertain about what career path to follow. So he took advice from a friend and accepted a job as a product manager…

Faculty-developed tools that bend the curve on student engagement

Three years ago, several colleagues at the University of Ottawa made a push to ban the use of laptops in the classroom, citing concerns that students were not engaged during…

3 considerations for the device-agnostic class

The open question on U.S. campuses is not if students are bringing their own devices or how to connect them to the institutional network, but rather: how do you support…

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