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Cyberbullying bill would tie harassment policies to aid

When Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge in 2010, the events leading to his death were a painful reminder that cyberbullying is not confined to…

New TIME ranking system causes major controversy

TIME's new collegiate ranking system is controversial because results are unscientifically set by Wikipedia, and not traditional academic benchmarks such as the SAT or ACT. …

3 new tools for your 2014 campus arsenal

An influx of new technologies and resources for higher education have either just landed or are about to land, making this spring/summer 2014 one of the busiest seasons for innovation—and…

This 3D ‘sci-fi technology’ is revolutionizing universities

In just the span of one year, a relatively new technology is beginning to transform every department within colleges and universities, thanks to its versatility, general affordability, and ‘wow’ factor:…

Top 5 Brain Awareness Week tweets

eCampus News shares what experts are saying on Twitter to help raise awareness for Brain Awareness Week.…

Brain-wave sensors: The answer to student engagement?

A Florida-based start-up firm called Nervanix is working on an idea that, if successful, could help educators find the “sweet spot” to effective teaching: maintaining active student engagement.


How Google Glass can revolutionize learning

In tomorrow’s future, students and teachers will not always need to sit in the classroom with paper and pen, but maybe as co-participants in an online MOOC, like Coursera-Internet, History,…

3 burning questions about bitcoin in higher ed

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open-sourced online currency, a completely digital form of money that can be shared through a peer-to-peer payment network.

Created in 2009 by…

Open access requirement sparks debate

Online open access publisher the Public Library of Science (PLOS) is refining a new policy that requires authors to make their data publicly available upon the publication of the accompanying…

5 must-follow higher education Twitter accounts

Whether you already have a passion for education technology and are just looking for more sources of information, or if you are just beginning to take interest in higher education…

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