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University goes “Mad Men” for technology buy-in

In implementing any major tech initiative on campus today, the greatest challenges tend to revolve more around change management than technical issues. So, to help introduce its new cloud-based HR…

New Google –like search technology is curbing course dropouts

In the wake of the multimedia resources boom in campus courses across the world, sifting through hour-long recorded presentations or hundreds of pages of online text to find specific information…

Open texts predicted to save students $25 million

Rice University-based nonprofit OpenStax College has unveiled three new textbooks and said its growing catalog of free textbooks will save students an estimated $25 million in the 2015-16 academic year. OpenStax…

Biggest cloud challenge? Hint: It’s not the technology

Today, schools are focused on the upside of cloud deployments for everything from LMSs to SISs—and that upside can be truly significant. But even as earlier fears about the cloud…

Where to start? These are the basic technologies to improve retention

Student attrition from institutions of higher learning is an epidemic in the United States. According to a report by the National Student Clearinghouse, only 55 percent of first-time college students…

University trials can go paperless with cloud-based EDC

Clinovo is offering its cloud-based clinical research EDC (electronic data capture) system, ClinCapture, for no charge to universities, academic medical centers and other institutional research organizations. Clinovo helps researchers embrace efficiency…

Going hard to soft for a better LMS

When students at Alvernia University were unable to complete tests in the Blackboard LMS because the system kept timing out, the small Pennsylvania school knew it had a big problem.…

Survey: Here’s why technology matters to college students

According to the results of a new survey from VitalSource Technologies, college students overwhelmingly agree that technology boosts grades, improves their overall learning experience and alleviates costs.…

6 trends on the horizon for academic libraries

Machine learning, rethinking the library space, and managing knowledge obsolescence are just some of the changes heading toward academic and research libraries in the next five years. But what are…

Goldi(IT) and the Three Bears: A tale of finding the right storage tool for the data job

Data analytics has become commonplace on college campuses as universities have developed into repositories for all sorts of data focusing on everything from student success and recruitment, to enrollment management,…

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