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Faculty get a new, copyright-flexible digital media backpack

Digital media company VideoBlocks has begun a service for higher education to, simply put, provide accessible creative tools for students and faculty without the traditional worries over quality and copyright.…

University takes 4 Steve Jobs steps to engage students

When students have negative interactions with a school’s online systems, it hurts the brand and the bottom line—problems that are all too common in higher education. Luckily, there’s a relatively…

5 gray areas of higher education’s reinvention

eTextbook engagement analytics, cloud systems, career training programs, MOOCs, flipped learning, virtual worlds, game-based instruction…the list could continue for pages. And while institutions emphatically communicate that many of these technologies…

Up next for textbooks? The bionic book

A new technology developed at Penn State works with faculty to automatically build complete textbooks from open resources on the web. The texts are organized according to topics and keywords…

Acrobatiq’s adaptive take on learning

When the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invested in Pittsburgh startup Acrobatiq Inc., it wasn't expecting to earn a tidy return on its money. The $41 billion nonprofit that focuses on…

3 ways technology is democratizing video for course learning

In the last generation, mass media has truly become “mass”. It used to be that information—whether in schools, in the media, or in the professional sphere—was disseminated top-down. A small…

3 characteristics of successful next-gen online learning

3 characteristics of successful next-gen online learning

High failure rates. Low retention. Disengaged students. These problems exist at many universities, but more and more institutions and instructors, like us, are leveraging online learning to turn that story…

Surfing the next Wave in campus Wi-Fi

Look around your campus and you can see why the demand for wireless is exploding: almost every student, faculty and staff member carries multiple wireless devices and use Wi-Fi as…

College reinvents “shop” class for the digital era

A new electronics repair center at the University of Illinois is setting out not only to fix broken devices, but also to teach their owners how to do it themselves. Called…

Electronic textbooks save Indiana students $8M

Indiana University students have saved $8 million over the last three years by opting into a digital learning program that uses electronic textbooks, school officials said. "Students have been complaining for…

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