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5 important YouTube videos for IT

IT play an integral role in the university experience. However, in our rapidly changing and interconnected world, what resources and strategies do IT personnel need to stay ahead? How will…

Is this the “dark horse” of online education?

“Disruptive innovation” is a catchphrase making the rounds in higher education circles, and is often applied liberally to many recent trends, such as MOOCs and blended learning. But according to…

Google Drive’s new changes could improve classroom collaboration

In case you haven’t noticed the recent changes already, it's well worth pointing out that Google is making some interesting changes to their Google Drive service. At the heart of this…

8 tips for creating video in online learning

To use or not to use faculty and admin created video in online learning has been a hot topic of debate in higher education, for many reasons. However, thanks to…

How to drive engagement with mobile devices

The move toward mobile education is not just a response to students' desire for mobile convenience. It has real academic benefits as well.…

eTextbooks are as polarizing as ever in higher ed

eTextbooks are as polarizing as ever in higher ed

The eTextbook revolution has been coming for quite some time, but if recent national survey results are any indication, acceptance of nontraditional textbooks isn't even close to critical mass. The survey,…

6 reasons campus networks must change

The word "legacy," when it comes to discussions of college and university networks, has become a dirty word. "Legacy," in these exchanges, is shorthand for a technological solution that isn't only…

Stunning changes are coming to university research—and why they’re important

There’s not a person in the higher education world who would tell you that research—the production of, dissemination of, and funding of—isn’t mission-critical most colleges and universities. And now, thanks…

7 tips for a great campus website

Campus websites are crucial for providing resources, recruiting prospective students and updating the community on news and current events. But what if users are unable to navigate through certain pages?…

5 great ed-tech admin resources on YouTube

Administrators are using social media for marketing purposes embracing mobile technology to help campus leaders in their search for a more sustainable business model as the higher ed landscape evolves.…

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