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Number 1: Social media has negative impact on academic performance

Perusing Facebook, sending rapid-fire text messages, and tweeting back and forth with friends and celebrities alike might not be the best academic strategy, it turns out. A new study released by…

Number 3: 5 technology trends poised to rock higher education

Trends like “devices,” “MOOCs,” and “Twitter,” are making the rounds in higher education, but what do these trends means for admin and students, and how are they affecting classroom practice…

Number 4: 5 must-watch higher education TED talks

By now, most internet junkies know about the incredible talks given through TED (Technology, Education, and Design), but outside of education talks given by Bill Gates and the ever-viral talk…

How to prepare for everything

Just getting used to the Internet of Things? Well, welcome to the Internet of Everything--and what it means for IT in higher education.…

4 ways to ensure your university app connects with students

To succeed in app design, universities must consider students' desires for functionality and the institutions need for sharing important content.…

Trend: Campuses moving from online to On-Demand

IT experts are calling it a super storm of forces that’s changing the way a campus ecosystem operates.…

Why you should care about gamification in higher education

Gamification has serious implications for college students—and perhaps it’s time higher education got serious about implementing game design.…

5 keys to successful visual communications on campus

Digital signage screens are becoming a popular and integral part of the university campus visual communications. However most of the screens are not being utilized efficiently or effectively due to…

How to create the STEM building of the future

Faculty and admin are attempting to continue to meet the needs of their students for years to come by designing future-proof STEM education buildings.…

8 tips for creating video in online learning

Instructor-generated video can increase student satisfaction with, and engagement in, online courses. But there are many variables to a video's success.…

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