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8 considerations for social networks in classrooms

In recent years, educators have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration of new and innovative technologies. It is not uncommon for teachers to have differing opinions about which tools are helpful in…

What does higher-ed look like in 2023?

College could be a very different place when freshmen step foot on university campuses in the fall of 2023. For starters, many students will find that step to be entirely…

8 steps to get the most out of adaptive learning

Adaptive learning, considered a ‘game changer’ for higher education in its innovative use of technology to deliver high-quality, highly-personalized instruction to all types of learners, is still relatively new in…

What’s hogging bandwidth on college campuses?

Bandwidth demands have been at critical levels for years on college campuses of every size, and the ubiquity of tablets has only complicated matters for higher education IT officials.

The technology that prevents ‘hotbeds of fraud’ in higher ed

Fraud in test taking and student loans can threaten the very existence of online colleges and universities -- a fact that hasn't been lost on chief information officers (CIOs) pushing…

10 key steps to designing a great university app

By now, most people have caught on to the fact that not all apps are created equal, and that while it’s cool in theory to have an app for your…

The best videos for faculty professional development

Professional development, typically referred to as continued training for teachers and educators, seeks to improve learning and teaching. But just how exactly does it accomplish that? What types of tips and strategies…

5 critical tips for implementing mobile technology

From knowing why IT woes are occur on your campus to learning why apps aren’t always the saviors they’re marketed to be, these 5 tips can help educators get the…

10 ed-tech books for summer reading

Summer vacation, while also the perfect time to pretend you’re not enjoying your niece’s copy of Twilight with a mojito in-hand, is also the best time to catch up on…

Game-changing technology reveals student job prospects

Everything can be quantified, measured, and analyzed, and a college student's job prospects are no different. Around 8.5 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed. Perhaps more troubling, 16.8 percent of…

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