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Should faculty be concerned with “Facebook Regret”?

If a tree falls in a forest…you can count on the entire social media world knowing about it. According to faculty at various universities, there are two main ways that social…

New trend sees admissions uncovering what’s behind a student’s GPA

Does your institution’s CRM track “demonstrated interest”? What about “empathy” and “conscientiousness”? In college admissions offices, the CRM is king. Over the past decade, the sophistication of systems such as…

Will this massive collaboration between universities spur open ed?

California colleges and universities are spurring the open and accessible movement, specifically in relation to STEM education, thanks to a new partnership signaling a cultural shift in higher-ed collaborative relationships. The…

Obama launches new national tech-ed initiative

Placing an emphasis on online education, community colleges, and tech education--like coding boot camps--President Obama today announced his "TechHire" initiative at a gathering of the National League of Cities. Targeting stagnant…

New adaptive tech platform for higher ed launches at SXSWedu

McGraw-Hill Education today at SXSWedu launched the new mobile-first version of McGraw-Hill Connect®, the company's learning platform for students and instructors in the higher education market. The new release of Connect…

Penn State prof explains net neutrality decision

Rob Frieden knows the internet, and he wants people to care about the issue of net neutrality. “We should care,” said the Penn State professor of telecommunications and internet law. But why?…

Re-formatting writing for the digital classroom

The nation recently celebrated National Handwriting Day, and for a brief moment, the world celebrated the age-old art of penmanship. But with keyboards and touchpads reigning supreme, should institutions of…

How to tailor online courses to today’s tech-discerning students

As an educator, it’s hard to please today’s tech-savvy students with PowerPoints and lecture-on-video—but those are exactly the kinds of tools available for educators who don’t have time to learn…

Op-ed: Top 4 apps for healthcare students

Whether through simulation experiences, use of social media, or flipping the classroom, schools of nursing seem to be setting the bar as it pertains to responding to student needs in…

Net neutrality gains FCC approval

In a momentous decision for the future of the open internet, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on February 26 approved net neutrality regulations to oversee online traffic and ensure internet…

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