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College’s cloud app revitalizes student advising

More and more university administrators are following advice typically found in the bathrooms of rustic B&Bs: "Too much paper clogs the pipes." It's certainly a tip that the University of…

Hold the phone: A better technology for communication

As legacy phone systems reach their end-of-life stage, colleges and universities across the country continue to make the switch to VoIP. However, while the driving force for VoIP adoption is…

Is higher education heading toward a smart city future?

According to researchers around the world, there is increasing momentum from some of the world’s most innovative universities to align curriculum, research and overall mission to city development that specifically…

New platform addresses content consumption

A new platform has launched in an effort to provide content publishers with granular control of how their content is consumed. The first product, Share By StoryCloud, now in beta, provides…

CalArts launches open online game design

New Coursera course explores game design, preparation to pitch ideas for production. The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is launching a cluster of online courses titled Game Design: Art…

iCE + iPad= curricular superstar

For several years now, higher ed visionaries have touted the potential of learner-centered instruction, flipped classrooms, mobile-optimized course materials, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Now, rather than just talking about them, Thomas…

UK school installs 150-seat virtual reality lab

As virtual reality makes more of an impact on education, an increasing number of colleges and universities are exploring how virtual reality labs might impact teaching and learning. In the United…

What are innovation spaces, and do you need one?

Designated spaces for “tinkering” at some of the country’s most prestigious institutions may not only spur lifelong learning habits, but also produce social and technological innovations critical to today’s economy,…

4 characteristics of a good ed tech investment

Forget MOOCS, say technology investors. What higher education institutions should invest in are personalized learning platforms that provide simple data on outcomes.…

The 5 phases of a campus-wide technology pilot

ePortfolio-committee-GWUThanks to the grassroots effort of an ad hoc committee at the George Washington University (GWU), students and faculty now have campus-wide access to a vetted ePortfolio program--an education-enhancing program,…

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