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Mobile and Handheld Technologies

New, unique app helpful for incoming students

In a survey by of 7,000 high school students graduating in 2014, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular apps and websites used based on frequency.…

New iTunes U update has useful tool for educators

Apple announced on June 30 that they have enhanced the iTunes U experience for iPad users. For example, educators are now able to create and edit their own iTunes U…

10 Apple apps for classroom organization

As curriculum becomes more interactive and the classroom becomes better technology-enabled, more opportunities become available for interaction…and chaos. But thanks to these 10 Apple apps, educators and students with Apple…

Op-ed: To ban or not to ban laptops

As it stands, there are actually respectable arguments on both sides of the laptop banning debate, and both sides deserve to state their case. So, let's break down the pros…

8 considerations for social networks in classrooms

In recent years, educators have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration of new and innovative technologies. It is not uncommon for teachers to have differing opinions about which tools are helpful in…

What’s hogging bandwidth on college campuses?

Bandwidth demands have been at critical levels for years on college campuses of every size, and the ubiquity of tablets has only complicated matters for higher education IT officials.

10 key steps to designing a great university app

By now, most people have caught on to the fact that not all apps are created equal, and that while it’s cool in theory to have an app for your…

The best videos for faculty professional development

Professional development, typically referred to as continued training for teachers and educators, seeks to improve learning and teaching. But just how exactly does it accomplish that? What types of tips and strategies…

5 critical tips for implementing mobile technology

From knowing why IT woes are occur on your campus to learning why apps aren’t always the saviors they’re marketed to be, these 5 tips can help educators get the…

5 ways mobile devices have (and haven’t) changed studying

College students now own an average of seven mobile devices, and spend nearly four hours a day interacting with their laptops, tablets, and smart phones. The bandwidth needs can be…

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