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10 Apple and Android apps for international students

As most of you know, and likely even remember yourselves, making the transition to the college lifestyle can be a major adjustment. That’s why we’ve compiled the 10 best Apple…

New, unique app helpful for incoming students

In a survey by of 7,000 high school students graduating in 2014, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular apps and websites used based on frequency.…

New iTunes U update has useful tool for educators

Apple announced on June 30 that they have enhanced the iTunes U experience for iPad users. For example, educators are now able to create and edit their own iTunes U…

10 Apple apps for classroom organization

As curriculum becomes more interactive and the classroom becomes better technology-enabled, more opportunities become available for interaction…and chaos. But thanks to these 10 Apple apps, educators and students with Apple…

5 ways social media can improve student writing

Idk if u hav noticed, but the writing seen on the internet and social media is not always the best example of the King's English. However, habits built through writing…

5 practices you won’t see on campus anymore

With ages ranging from early 60s to our interns who are literally still in college, eCampus News decided to compile a list of practices and traditions we either remembered when…

3 cheap ways to amp up campus A/V

Splurging on top-flight audio-video (A/V) equipment has never been an easy sell in higher education, but now more than ever, campus A/V officials are striving to justify needed upgrades to…

What everybody should know about Google’s new initiative

When Google recently looked at their company’s composition and realized that women only accounted for 17 percent of its tech employees, they wondered why. After much research, Google then decided…

5 innovative higher ed leaders to follow on Twitter

If you ever wanted to follow higher ed innovators and educators on Twitter but were afraid to ask or unsure where to begin, eCampus News is here to help.…

Op-ed: To ban or not to ban laptops

As it stands, there are actually respectable arguments on both sides of the laptop banning debate, and both sides deserve to state their case. So, let's break down the pros…

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