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Open access critic has major publisher in crosshairs

Prominent open access journal publisher MDPI, which drew criticism earlier this year after publishing a paper that Discover Magazine described as “pseudoscience,” has been added to Jeffrey Beall’s list of…

Technology and a ‘culture of disengagement’

Engineering students may leave school feeling less concerned with public welfare than when they entered, as schools feel pressure to introduce more technical instruction than ever before, according to a…

4 key traits of a Big Data scientist

Studying Big Data as a career is certainly not for everyone. Those who plan on having a profession in the field, though, should exhibit specific characteristics, according to a guide titled…

Online education’s ‘wicked’ challenge

One 20,000-student university would have to be constructed somewhere in the world every week for the next dozen years to accommodate the projected 50 million new students expected to pursue…

The evolution of note taking in the digital classroom

Pen and paper live on in higher education, as note taking has remained very much analog. Technology rules the classroom and lecture hall, as evidenced by campus research showing students' propensity…

MIT and Harvard: Stop focusing on MOOC completion rates

There were 55 million viewings of recorded lectures, problems attempted, web pages read, and forum comments posted in Harvard and MIT's massive open online courses (MOOCs) since 2012. That -- not…

Confusion lurks behind online course completion rates

Online education experts fear that abysmal massive open online course (MOOC) completion rates could confuse the public about the quality of more traditional web-based classes as in-person college courses continue…

Education’s ‘dirty secret’: Wikipedia in the classroom

Wikipedia is still not referred to as a reliable source for use in the classroom by many college and university professors – even as professionals in other fields, like medicine,…

Some colleges ‘retreat’ from online learning

Higher education's online learning landscape is increasingly polarized, with colleges and universities choosing divergent paths for how to proceed with the nontraditional medium. Campuses that have long been invested in web-based…

Instructure, UC Irvine reveal results of ‘The Walking Dead’ MOOC

Instructure today announced key findings from its massive open online course based on the hit TV show "The Walking Dead," a joint production with AMC and the University of California,…

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