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Debunking myths about college tuition

Convinced soaring college tuition payments just line the pockets of overpaid professors? A new report offers a rigorous rebuttal, citing federal data on higher education salaries — including at local…

5 universities taking innovation from buzzword to practice

Are college and university investments in innovation worth the time and money? Only if your incubators lead to scalable, sustainable success, says new research. A recent report, conducted in 2014 by…

Ohio State faculty reassert claim to scholarly research ownership

Ohio State University is assuring its professors that their scholarly works — books, articles, software and other works that can be copyrighted — belong to them. That’s the arrangement that had…

4 ways online courses can improve sustainability

According to a report released today by Arizona State University at the 2015 ASU+GSV Summit, providing online course options can create $545k in new socio-economic value, and saves between 30…

4 major MOOC findings–and where to go from here

A joint MIT and Harvard University research team has identified a number of findings about MOOC participants, enrollment, and certification, the details of which are published one of the largest…

Performance-based funding could disrupt community colleges

Performance-based funding (PBF) has become progressively utilized in order to reward higher education institutions for their success in enhancing student advancement and completion, but may have some drawbacks.…

4 critical areas in higher education that get the least support

Minority-serving institutions (MSIs) are uniquely positioned to play an important role in educational attainment and the workforce, according to On Their Own Terms: Two-Year Minority Serving Institutions, a new report…

Report: Faculty weigh in on digital courseware

A recently released report from Tyton Partners has provided the ed-tech community with some of the first and only research into postsecondary faculty perspectives on the state of the digital…

Who owns the research: Ohio State or faculty?

Ohio State University faculty members are fighting a proposal that they fear would give the school a claim to profits from books, articles, software and other works they create. The proposal,…

New institute will study renewable energy technology

Florida Gulf Cost University (FGCU) broke ground on the Emergent Technologies Institute (ETI), a new research campus that will team academics and private sector partners to study and incubate renewable…

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