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These 10 stats are taking higher ed’s breath away

They’re the kind of statistics, spanning a decade and across the entire U.S., that as you read them, your jaw takes on additional gravity—dropping lower and lower—as you set your…

The best and worst colleges for career success

In today’s economy, nothing seems more important to incoming students than whether or not their college or university will help them land a career after graduation…and for good reason.In a…

INFOGRAPHIC: Why digital education?

As trends like using multimedia resources for courses and incorporating blended learning classes on campus become ubiquitous, what are the motivating factors behind these trends…and do businesses profit off of…

A game-changer for online retention

In a recent think-tank panel in D.C. on trends in higher-ed, one online learning expert from Arizona State University said that the next big discussion for colleges and universities would…

Here’s proof that adaptive learning works

Sandra Connelly, an assistant professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, said when she teaches a general biology course, she's always struck by how varied her students are.


College students: Teaching is for underachievers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week this week, a national campaign to thank the often thankless teachers and faculty for their hard work in encouraging and motivating today’s students. Yet, though students…

2 ways colleges can guarantee success

In the current national discussion on whether or not a college degree is worth the price paid, one of the most important considerations (at least in today’s economy) is whether…

6 facts on online vs. offline learning

When talking about higher education, it’s hard not to run into a discussion on what’s really better for student learning: online learning or offline learning? Of course, the key is…

The best college or university by state

New data reveals which college or university has the highest graduation rate in its state As many of the problems facing higher education come into national focus—student loan debt, low…

Groundbreaking: We can predict cognitive styles, and here’s how

While the education field’s acceptance of learning styles is helping students receive more balanced options for learning, often students are lumped into one category without any explanation of why they…

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