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5 major trends in higher education’s use of social media

If you want to know how other college and universities are using social media today, know this: they’re using it like any other social media-savvy millennial. From a spike in…

Here’s how social media is changing the workplace

Today's younger employees are much more likely than their older counterparts to use social media for work purposes and feel that such social media skills are an important strength to…

Faculty: Why should we collaborate with campus librarians?

A new survey on campus libraries has revealed that, despite their many benefits, greater collaboration and communication are needed between librarians and faculty in order to maximize their effectiveness and…

100G research circuit connects education networks

Indiana University and the Pacific Northwest Gigapop have launched a 100-gigabits-per-second research circuit connecting Pacific Rim research and education networks with their counterparts in the United States. Called the TransPAC-Pacific Wave,…

5 gray areas of higher education’s reinvention

eTextbook engagement analytics, cloud systems, career training programs, MOOCs, flipped learning, virtual worlds, game-based instruction…the list could continue for pages. And while institutions emphatically communicate that many of these technologies…

Study asks: Can math teachers teach coding?

How do students and teachers learn math and computer science, and how can we ease the coming shortage of computer science teachers? Worcester Polytechnic Institute will partner with Brown University…

MSU initiative targets research advancement

Michigan State University will accelerate key research areas through the recruitment of 100 new faculty members as part of the newly launched Global Impact Initiative. The Global Impact Initiative will bolster…

Social scientists launch ‘Mindset Scholars Network’ at Stanford

Interest in how students’ beliefs about learning and school shape their academic performance is growing rapidly. Research shows that when we help students understand they can grow their ability, feel…

Rice invests $150M in strategic research initiatives

Rice University is preparing to invest over $150 million in strategic initiatives aimed at increasing its research competitiveness, establishing a world-renowned program in data sciences and bolstering its position as…

Prof: This tech is a canary in the student outcomes coalmine

A recent Iowa State University study has found instructors may be able to better assess how a student performs in class through the use of digital textbook analytics. Reynol Junco, an…

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