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Can predictive analytics ID “likelihood to thrive” on campus?

vibeffect, a family-centered college-decision framework that helps students identify campuses where they’re most likely to thrive, has published a scientifically peer-reviewed paper on how predictive analytics can determine the campus…

Three ways to help online students succeed

A recent survey of 28,000 students yielded three specific factors that contributed to high or low academic performance, and experts say online student success really depends on effective learning design. The…

Could texting and tweeting boost retention?

A new study reveals that while students predictably learn much less when they use mobile devices in the classroom for non-academic purposes, students who tweet or message about anything associated…

Who picks up the tab for higher education?

For the first time in decades, the federal government is sending about the same amount of money to colleges and universities as do the states that support them, according to…

This is how your institution looks to international students

A new report finds that the top-rated U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities rank fifth in communication with prospective international students, and one in five of these institutions do not…

Why social media is critical for this area of campus

According to a white paper from the Taylor & Francis Group titled “Use of social media by the library: current practices and future opportunities,” connecting with users digitally is of…

Could this overlooked component be the key to MOOC engagement?

Analyzing over 4,000 comments and reviews of the 7 most active and highly-rated MOOCs, researchers say students seem to care deeply about formative and peer assessment strategies in relation to…

6 major trends in college and university admissions

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s 12th annual State of College Admission report, which examines the transition from high school to postsecondary education, many higher education institutions…

What new research says about unique teacher credentialing programs

In a new study on teacher education, the Clayton Christensen Institute profiles credentialing programs and graduate schools of education that have emerged from the charter school landscape. As the demand for…

The state of campus Resnet in 2015

A recent report reveals increases in funding, bandwidth, and outsourcing as universities race to meet students’ Wi-Fi and Resnet needs. However, it also highlights a deepening tension between the desire…

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