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10 new facts about students and distance education

According to a new analysis of the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), the current national conception that distance education is “booming,” is an exaggeration,…

Is your institution being accurately compared?

According to a new brief, major considerations must be taken into account for the Obama Administration’s proposed college rating system, the Postsecondary Institution Ratings System, or PIRS, including students' socio-economic…

Brain-wave sensors: The answer to student engagement?

A Florida-based start-up firm called Nervanix is working on an idea that, if successful, could help educators find the “sweet spot” to effective teaching: maintaining active student engagement.


5 new ways students are choosing their colleges and universities

Gone are the days when students chose their postsecondary education institution based off of U.S. News & World Report publications. In this mobile-enabled culture, today’s students are redefining how colleges…

Here’s how to reach every student brain

By now, most educators know that classroom practices such as differentiating instruction, critical thinking, and making the environment less stressful for students are critical to a 21st-century education. But…why does…

Understanding the lack of women in STEM faculty

As women entering STEM fields and later receiving their PhD.’s increases, a new report reveals that though women PhD.’s are likelier to start their careers in academia, their male peers…

How to leverage the intellectual power of universities

In what could serve as a national model for states, universities, and the private sector to help bring innovative technology closer to market, one state’s inspiring partnership initiative announced its…

Can gaming change education? Brain research has answers.

As video games continue to permeate our culture, students are increasingly interested in using video games for learning. This interest has prompted universities and neurologists to explore what the popularity…

How multimedia can improve learning

An analysis of existing research supports a notion that already has begun to transform instruction from coast to coast: that multimodal learning–using many modes and strategies that cater to individual…

What educators can learn from brain research

As technology advances, new discoveries based on brain mapping are helping researchers understand how students learn. But how can educators spot the best neuroscience research, and how are researchers partnering…

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