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Big Data has a degree problem

Increasing by more than 300 percent since the 1990s, the number of undergraduates in statistics degree programs is the fastest growing program in the U.S. But the growth may not…

What makes college worth it?

Only 50 percent of 60,000 college alumni participating in a national survey said they "strongly agree" their university education was worth the cost. This 50 percent figure varies only slightly when…

New data gives pause on defining today’s typical student

Should higher education rethink what makes a “traditional” student today? New data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) on students applying for financial aid highlight the ever-increasing need…

At U-Michigan, mixing supercomputers and big data

A new way of computing could lead to immediate advances in aerodynamics, climate science, cosmology, materials science and cardiovascular research. The National Science Foundation will provide $2.42 million to develop a…

AIR partners with UVA-backed education accelerator

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) will partner with the Jefferson Education Accelerator (JEA) under an agreement making it a preferred research and evaluation outlet for the newly-launched education technology…

Is higher education heading toward a smart city future?

According to researchers around the world, there is increasing momentum from some of the world’s most innovative universities to align curriculum, research and overall mission to city development that specifically…

What learners do during MOOCs–and why it matters

As MOOCs continue to cement themselves as an important part of the higher education landscape, new qualitative research is taking a look at the experiences and practices of students who…

3 legitimate reasons why faculty aren’t using OER

Faculty across institutions aren't using Open Educational Resources (OER)—and the few who are often don’t know they're using them, says an industry report. And the main reasons why faculty won't…

3 tips for alternative credentialing

Institutions of higher education can take steps to strengthen their alternative credentialing options and attract adult learners to their programs, a new study found. Eduventures, Inc., a research and advisory firm…

Old texts inspire new thinking about math teaching

Central Washington University math professor Dominic Klyve is pioneering a novel new way to teach math — by relying on some of the oldest mathematical texts ever written. Klyve has been…

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