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Is it worth training faculty in student engagement?

How can institutions know whether or not professional development (PD) programs for faculty are effective? And does student engagement increase when faculty complete PD courses aimed at promoting student engagement…

10 must-haves to appease online students

Higher ed online learning students expect a lot from online programs; but with every student’s unique expectations and desires from an online program, how can institutions not only rise above…

Is poor facilities management costing higher ed billions?

Higher education could save roughly $14.7B by tightening the use of their facilities and better manage course scheduling. That’s just one major finding of a recent report that aims to…

Snapshot: Higher ed competency-based education looks like this

According to a new national survey of over 170 diverse institutions across the U.S., nothing is more important to a competency-based education (CBE) program than designing “measurable and meaningful assessments.”…

EDUCAUSE releases the top IT technologies for 2016

Higher ed IT is in the midst of divesting, reinvesting and differentiating its technologies and strategies for 2016, according to the annual EDUCAUSE report on the “Top 10 IT Issues…

Research, Pell funding boosted by new federal spending

Colleges and universities will have a richer 2016, thanks to the omnibus spending bill Congress passed in December. Along with more Pell grant money for the neediest students, the law…

Gen Z is about to take over higher education—here’s what to expect

Educators take note: it’s time to make way for Generation Z (Gen Z). In a recent study by Barnes & Noble College, 1,300 middle-school and high school students ages 13-18…

17 research-vetted resources for designing mobile learning

As mobile learning gains popularity throughout education, it can be hard to sift through case studies and research on effective models and frameworks for designing mobile learning experiences. Recently, however,…

Can blended learning reach superstar status with MOOCs?

The verdict may still be out on the effectiveness of MOOCs on their own to improve learning outcomes and bring value to an institution, but could MOOCs have a more…

5 important revelations from first year online learners

Despite a record number of students taking online higher education courses, many of those entering for the first time often have incorrect pre-conceived notions of online learning’s extreme flexibility—and it’s…

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