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This is the reason why higher-ed is dying

In perhaps one of the most eloquent discussions on the problems facing higher education today, Suzanne Mettler, professor of American Institutions at the Government Department at Cornell, argued that the…

Mentors help create a sustainable pipeline for women in STEM

Women make up about half of the workforce in America, but they only represent 24% of the workforce in STEM fields. Why should we care? First and foremost, this statistic calls…

4 questions every institution needs to answer

According to a new report, there are basic questions institutions, with access to internal data, need to be able to answer—both for themselves and for prospective students and the community.…

Is your institution being accurately compared?

According to a new brief, major considerations must be taken into account for the Obama Administration’s proposed college rating system, the Postsecondary Institution Ratings System, or PIRS, including students' socio-economic…

How to battle the dark side of for-profit universities

When Hannah Benbow ran into problems with the for-profit college she attended, she turned to the federal government for help.

Benbow, 24, wrote to the U.S. Department of Education…

Will textbook publishers go the way of ice delivery?

A Virginia community college is piloting a textbook-free degree program comprised entirely of open educational resources (OER) -- from textbooks to the program itself, the components of which will be…

6 ways states can stop failing higher education

Helping more people get a postsecondary education is still a national challenge, one in which states are failing. However, thanks to a new report based on years of data, there…

5 cutting-edge privacy considerations for Big Data

Big Data is taking higher education institutions by storm; however, the discussion has moved from whether or not Big Data is useful to whether or not institutions can actually manage…

Suit seeks relief for trade school students with years of debt but no career

The Wilfred Academy promised her “everything you’ll need for your beauty career.” When she enrolled, Ana Salazar, a single mother of four, then 40, believed it was a ticket out…

Indiana clears online learning regulatory hurdles

A major initiative to ease the regulatory burdens of online learning across state lines found its first ally this week as the state of Indiana joined the National Council for…

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