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5 cutting-edge privacy considerations for Big Data

Big Data is taking higher education institutions by storm; however, the discussion has moved from whether or not Big Data is useful to whether or not institutions can actually manage…

Suit seeks relief for trade school students with years of debt but no career

The Wilfred Academy promised her “everything you’ll need for your beauty career.” When she enrolled, Ana Salazar, a single mother of four, then 40, believed it was a ticket out…

Indiana clears online learning regulatory hurdles

A major initiative to ease the regulatory burdens of online learning across state lines found its first ally this week as the state of Indiana joined the National Council for…

Online education isn’t immune to partisan politics

In 1996, a Republican governor and a Democratic governor teamed up to convince the leaders of 17 more states to create the all-online, competency-based Western Governors University.

“It was…

NYU supports University of the People, free online education

The University of the People, a tuition-free online university, received accreditation on Feb. 13 from a national agency and will graduate its first class of seven students later this year,…

Untangling federal rules for online learning

In talking with institutional personnel, I’ve noted some confusion about different aspects of the federal government's state authorization regulations. There are still many who believe that the federal deadline to…

Open, free, and for college credit

A small New Jersey college that has made its name with innovative online learning efforts will soon allow students to earn course credit through free, open, web-based classes aligned with…

Lawmakers weigh big change to online college policy

Alabama lawmakers are considering legislation to allow the state's colleges and universities participate in reciprocal online course offerings with schools in other states. The Tuscaloosa News reports House Bill 321 is…

Should colleges adopt White House cybersecurity plan?

The Obama administration on Feb. 12 released its long-awaited cybersecurity framework as colleges and universities struggle in the fight against a barrage of cyber attacks that have compromised millions of…

Online cheating tech leads to huge plagiarism drop

There has been a marked drop in the frequency of plagiarism at colleges and universities that deploy anti-plagiarism technology, just as campuses adopt online academic integrity policies in large numbers. The…

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