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Where the False Claims Act meets for-profit colleges: 4 hot areas for compliance

Administrators and employees of for-profit colleges need to be aware of a federal statute that may not immediately associate with these institutions: the False Claims Act (“FCA”). Pressure has been building…

These schools are facing sweeping accreditation changes

The accrediting arm of the American Bar Association, which sets standards for almost every law school in the nation, is expected to approve sweeping changes this week, including a new…

Will Oregon be the first state with a college trust fund?

Major universities across the country maintain large endowments that not only provide financial stability, but also allow those schools to provide scholarships to worthy students in need. Should states do…

Colleges: Federal sign up available for competency experiments

From badges to skills pathways, more higher ed institutions are not only feeling the pressure to accept, but realizing the benefits of implementing, alternative credentials for a broad range of…

A new roadmap to guard student data

With the slew of not just universities, but major corporations like Target, currently coming under criticism for leaking massive amount of personal data, keeping student data safe has become a…

Obama Administration: These job-training programs are the most effective

There’s a growing trend, as the economy still lingers in recovery and traditional four-year tuition remains barely affordable, of students and parents coming to understand that if you want relatively…

5 ways the Common Core isn’t college-ready

common-core-collegeCommon Core State Standards, which have been adopted by 43 states and the District of Columbia, are supposed to be the ultimate indicator for a student’s college readiness. But according…

11 net neutrality principles from higher ed you may have missed

The threat to net neutrality is real, and no, it’s not just about how slow your Netflix movie could stream on a Sunday night. Net neutrality has generated a lot…

Free college idea picks up momentum

This year, two national groups have devised plans to make paying for higher education a problem of the past. Both argue that it’s not only feasible, but that it won’t…

New: Guideline for universities on censoring social media

In a problem that’s stemming from both the proliferation of social media use and campus violence, universities are considering what’s appropriate to censor on social media and what’s not, often…

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