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SOTU addresses controversial college access plan

President Obama expanded on his proposal to offer two free years of community college to responsible U.S. students during his State of the Union Address on Jan. 20, 2015. During his…

Is Obama’s plan the best use of money?

If the U.S. government had unlimited funds, it could provide free tuition for community college and no one would complain. For that matter, the nation could put all interested and…

Obama proposes free community college for everyone

President Barack Obama rolled out a new plan on Jan. 8 to make two years of community college free, or nearly so, for millions of students across the country, a…

Law would protect students’ online privacy

A Concord, N.H. legislator wants to bar colleges and public schools from requiring students to provide access to personal social media accounts, calling such intrusions a violation of personal privacy…

ED releases long-awaited college ratings system

The Obama administration on Dec. 19 is releasing the rough outlines of a much-anticipated college ratings system that may grade schools on such factors as graduation rates, loan repayments and…

5 ways higher ed shuts down Common Core

According to a new policy brief, Common Core stops at higher education’s gate, offering little to no benefit for a student’s chances to entering college.…

What’s wrong with the TEACH Act?

Known as the TEACH (Technology, Equality and Accessibility in College and Higher Education) Act, H.R. 3505 and S. 2060 are backed by the National Federation of the Blind and the…

5 policy gaps hindering higher education’s success

Is it really a skills gap that’s preventing college graduates from getting jobs, or is it a policy gap in how higher-ed institutions are being governed and funded? It’s the…

The must-know changes in distance education policy

Did you know that when offering online courses, collaboration options for students are a requirement? Or that faculty participation in designing the implementation of an online learning program is mandatory?…

Chicago offers unprecented incentive for students to go to college

Every year, hundreds of Chicago Public Schools students earn decent grades, graduate from high school and then ... flounder. Many of them don't get the encouragement to enroll in college,…

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