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New: Guideline for universities on censoring social media

In a problem that’s stemming from both the proliferation of social media use and campus violence, universities are considering what’s appropriate to censor on social media and what’s not, often…

New tool breaks down federal policy

What is the purpose of the president’s annual budget request and when can it be expected? What is the role of a Congressional Budget Committee? How does it differ from…

What universities need to know about net neutrality

How will the FCC's recent ruling on net neutrality affect colleges and universities? The internet is abuzz with reaction to the Federal Communication Commission's proposal this past Thursday to change net…

Are universities prepared for state authorization?

As colleges and universities prepare to comply with upcoming state authorization rules, 75 percent of institutions recently surveyed by the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies said they have decided to…

Are new regulations lurking around the corner?

The U.S. Department of Education's Negotiated Rulemaking Committee is nearing the end of its reworking of federal online education regulations, also known as state authorization. The language for the new guidelines…

States say ‘ENOUGH’ to for-profits

Bulldozed with horror stories, states are working to protect college students as consumers When Murray Hastie returned to New York in January 2006 after two tours of duty in Iraq,…

The business of ed-tech: Textbook shopping made easy

David Miller knows that when a college student pays $30 for a textbook they had seen available for $200, they'll never go back. That's the story of cash-saving deal students find…

The shocking politics of online learning

Parties both support online learning, just different forms, and for different reasons A Republican governor and a Democratic governor in 1996 teamed up to convince the leaders of 17 states…

This is the reason why higher-ed is dying

In perhaps one of the most eloquent discussions on the problems facing higher education today, Suzanne Mettler, professor of American Institutions at the Government Department at Cornell, argued that the…

Mentors help create a sustainable pipeline for women in STEM

Women make up about half of the workforce in America, but they only represent 24% of the workforce in STEM fields. Why should we care? First and foremost, this statistic calls…

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