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Students, librarians urge professors to use open-source textbooks

A student advocacy group, along with one of the University of Washington’s top librarians, is urging faculty members to take a good look at using more free online textbooks. And two…

5 higher-ed issues that should dominate presidential debates

The presidential campaign and debates among candidates have shed light on the issues most important to the U.S. public—and among those issues is higher education, from financing it, to institutions’…

Putting the law in order on campus

Lawyers don't always cut the most sympathetic figures, but spare a thought for campus law teams that increasingly find themselves caught in a full-court press.…

Repayment rates can help explain student loans

Colleges and universities have for years used cohort default rates (CDRs) to evaluate how affordable their schools are and how well their students do once they leave campus. But with…

The high cost of higher education

Students who applied early to the University of New Hampshire will know by the end of the month if they were accepted. Then many would-be Wildcats will start biting their…

Harvard report aims to improve college admissions

A new report issued by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and supported by scores of other institutions offers recommendations intended to ease the pressure of the college admissions process…

Washington lawmakers propose free community college

Tuition at community and technical colleges in Washington would be free for state residents without a bachelor's degree under a proposal announced Jan. 19 by a group of Democratic lawmakers. Some…

State of the Union: College affordability a top concern

Higher education spent a few brief moments in the spotlight during President Obama's final State of the Union address on Jan. 12. Access to affordable higher education was at the forefront…

Most Popular of 2015, No. 5: College presidents predict new institutional models

A new think-tank-esque collection of leading college and university presidents came together to discuss the trends and disruptions shaping higher education, thanks to new technologies and the evolving global economy.…

4 steps to bolstering digital badges in higher education

“Digital badges allow students to turn competencies and achievements to marketable credentials,” said Susan Manning, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Yet, unless clearly defined management processes are put into…

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