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Online Learning

Low MOOC completion rates back in the limelight

The University of Pennsylvania is at the forefront of a movement to experiment with free open online courses, but the undertaking, as its own researchers are finding out, has yielded…

More colleges checking online footprints, but most students not too concerned

While it's not standard practice now for Utah colleges to look at an applicant's Web presence, admissions officers at schools across the country and potential employers are checking online footprints…

Credit transfer system set to ‘transform’ MOOCs

If the first chapter in the evolution of massive open online courses was written in the US, it may well be in Europe that they make their next significant advance. This…

With new MOOC, Silicon Valley schools the world on business ethics

Santa Clara University isn't pushing into the online education market in a traditional academic subject like math, or even Silicon Valley's signature computer science disciplines, Upstart reports. Instead, the university is…

In China, free first-class tuition at a touch

Beijing- When Anant Agarwal taught his circuits and electronics class in the hallowed halls of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the complicated and intricate nature of lectures often gave students headaches…

Saving universities in the era of MOOCs

In every school I’ve seen, teachers who want to incorporate multimedia learning objects into their courses have no choice but to produce those materials themselves.

Teachers who want to…

Top 10 accredited online colleges

Here’s a rundown of the 10 best accredited online colleges, as ranked by If your favorite school did not make this list, please tell us why you think it should…

Cracking the MOOC ‘assessment nut’

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) might not offer actionable lessons to professors and campus administrators until the experimental classes have a reliable assessment apparatus, a Penn State MOOC professor said.

With online education, one size does not fit all

After a recent media blitz promoting Yale’s online education efforts, the Committee on Online Education held a forum on Monday to showcase different digital initiatives at Yale, The Yale Daily…

The failure of Udacity: lessons on MOOC quality

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) would make courses from Harvard and MIT available free to anyone with an internet connection. The world’s poor would finally have access to the same…

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