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An educator’s favorite MOOCs

MOOCs are open access online courses that allow limitless participation. Anyone who has an internet connection and a will to learn is welcome. The courses offered through MOOCS are numerous…

New edX MOOC portal to empower women

edX, a nonprofit platform affiliated with Harvard and MIT, provides open source software for anyone in the world with an internet connection. The courses are free and many countries have…

5 great platforms for online learning

There is no denying that online learning has become popular in recent years. Advocates of this alternative educational experience argue that its rise in popularity is closely linked to soaring…

Op-ed: Why we should ease up on MOOCs

It’s rare that I come across opinions on online learning that aren’t either the same thoughts rehashed or opposite ends of the pendulum. And during a recent interview with a…

Are MOOCs really dead?

For some educators and journalists, the rasping final breaths of massive open online courses (MOOCs) began late last year.

They followed nearly two years of hype and excitement that…

How to liberate higher education

Declining enrollments. Increasing competition for students. Sunsetting education models. The doom-and-gloom headlines on higher education pervade mainstream media. However, an undercurrent of optimism exists as many institutions of higher education evolve…

Learn how to Flip with TED Talks

With all the MOOCs available today, including the number of platforms and higher-ed institutions offering courses, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate the most credible—and most interesting—MOOCs that can cater to…

My first MOOC: The planning behind a Massive Open Online Course

Michael Goldberg was teaching entrepreneurship in Vietnam as a Fulbright Scholar in 2012, when he was approached by a government agency to run a seminar on entrepreneurial ecosystems, Entrepreneur reports.…

Understanding the symbolism of digital badges

Washington, DC -- Kyle Bowen, director of education technology at Pennsylvania State University, said he thinks credentials, be they traditional grades or digital badges, are little more than symbols. And symbols…

Take me out to the MOOC game

Baseball’s opening day is behind us, but if you can’t get enough of this spring ritual, you can savor another opening day of sorts May 29, when a baseball-centered class…

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