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Will Oregon be the first state with a college trust fund?

Major universities across the country maintain large endowments that not only provide financial stability, but also allow those schools to provide scholarships to worthy students in need. Should states do…

State’s new funding model coming in December

A new higher education funding formula the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) is charged with creating must factors in graduation rates and retention.…

Are ed-tech startups a bubble that’s ready to burst?

Ed-tech startups raised more than $500 million in funding in the first quarter of 2014 alone, but some investors are worried about a bubble When Matthew Pittinksy and the other…

New grants are all business

Putting America back to work requires more than just vigorous economic growth and private-sector investments that lead to more hiring. We also have to make sure that the potential employees…

How to leverage the intellectual power of universities

In what could serve as a national model for states, universities, and the private sector to help bring innovative technology closer to market, one state’s inspiring partnership initiative announced its…

Five ways to save money on campus IT

Virtualizing desktops and servers, implementing more energy-efficient technologies, and sharing IT services across institutions are among the many ways that campus IT departments nationwide are saving money.

In this…

New grants aim to spur ed-tech innovation

Want to develop an app that can recommend the best courses, videos, or other resources for your students, based on their specific needs and interests? Or apply the principles of…

Ex-Dodgers owner gives college $100 million

A former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers is giving Georgetown University $100 million to found a school of public policy that will bear his family name, the largest donation…

Student hub Chegg files for $150 million IPO

Student hub Chegg files for $150 million IPO

Chegg filed for an initial public offering on August 14, and it’s hoping to raise $150 million…

From recession’s wake, education innovation blooms

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — On a warm spring evening, hundreds of investment bankers, venture capitalists and geeky tech entrepreneurs gathered near the pool at the Phoenician, a luxury resort outside Phoenix,…

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