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Curriculum & Instruction

Why educators should use online assessments like gym equipment

You may think that comparing online assessments to hitting the gym is an odd comparison—but it’s an accurate one when considering strengthening learning pathways in students’ brains. Take, for example, the…

How coding is connecting minorities to tech scholarships

Dev Bootcamp celebrates three years of helping individuals reach career goals with a renewed effort to encourage more women and underrepresented minorities to enter the tech sector. Since Dev Bootcamp created…

The new higher-ed STEM: Social, collaborative

Why today’s students must go beyond rocket science; and how it’s a university’s obligation. What is the first thing you think of when you think ‘engineering major’? Do you think…

20 SXSWedu higher-ed sound bites

Can learning management systems evolve with education, or is it time for a new way to bring together instructors, students, and learning materials? How can investing in MOOC design yield…

Villanova advances cybersecurity

Prevention and preparation for cyber-attacks have never been more important than in today's global economy. Villanova University's IS Security certificate programs help professionals gain essential skills needed to combat these…

How interactive profiles could help provide CBE credibility

Udacity and Accredible have partnered to provide Udacity’s Nanodegreeprogram students with professional profiles powered by Accredible, who develop interactive certificate technology. With a beautiful, engaging and insightful format, the profiles…

ASU’s sustainability academy launches with unique curriculum

Today’s students will become tomorrow’s leaders, and educating them about sustainability is increasingly important in light of the complex social, economic and environmental issues the world faces. Arizona State University’s new…

Will this massive collaboration between universities spur open ed?

California colleges and universities are spurring the open and accessible movement, specifically in relation to STEM education, thanks to a new partnership signaling a cultural shift in higher-ed collaborative relationships. The…

Millions-of-dollars initiative to test new education delivery approaches

USA Funds has announced a $3 million investment in the Jefferson Education Accelerator, which will identify, test and nurture innovative education technology solutions. An initiative of the University of Virginia…

Think writing skills are important? Why teaching online is a great option

“Unless you’re in Taiwan,” I wrote in my introduction to my classes, “we won’t meet in person this semester.” I posted a picture from a trip my family and I…

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