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Curriculum & Instruction

Successful eLearning begins with well-prepared teachers

When the state of North Carolina dramatically reduced textbook funding, yet decided it would implement the Common Core State Standards, our School of Education at Gardner-Webb University decided to fast-track…

The open access movement includes college syllabi, too

With the launch of their Syllabus Tracker tool Utah State University is providing open access to all course syllabi through a functional and user-friendly dashboard. The syllabi that instructors have already…

College students shifting from consumers to creators

With the help of library “makerspaces” and 3D printers, college students could soon see their role on campus shifting from consumers to creators, a new report said.

The New…

More good news for the hybrid learning model

A new report published in the Higher Education Academy reveals what many in the ed-tech community have long suspected: incorporating technology in the classroom along with traditional teaching practices improves…

Education’s ‘connected age’ demands major policy changes

The world in which education operates is changing dramatically and educators and accreditors will need to change too, Diana Oblinger, president and CEO of Educause, said Wednesday at the 2014…

Collaboration in the ‘cloud’ helps develop key skills

In today’s world, businesses are grappling with the need to equip their employees with state-of-the art technology—and the skills necessary to deal with the continuous information overload employees face.

Education’s ‘dirty secret’: Wikipedia in the classroom

Wikipedia is still not referred to as a reliable source for use in the classroom by many college and university professors – even as professionals in other fields, like medicine,…

College-educated workers are taking jobs that don’t require degrees

In a packed pub in midtown Manhattan, Ryan Flagherty is surrounded on three sides by people clamoring for his attention, the Los Angeles Times reports.…

Dartmouth foreign language classes embrace Twitter

Dartmouth foreign language classes embrace Twitter

Foreign language professor Tania Convertini is thrilled to catch her Dartmouth College students complaining about homework or upcoming tests. She's not eavesdropping _ she's reading their tweets, written in Italian…

Exploring YouTube’s education channels

YouTube is usually associated with the latest viral video, but now growing numbers of people are turning to the video-sharing website for education instead of entertainment, NBC News reports. …

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