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Curriculum & Instruction

University begins project to help blind students with math

Until he was 13, Logan Prickett did everything a normal child did. However, anaphylactic reaction to contrast dye in an MRI test left him blind and confined to a wheelchair, without…

4 ways universities are reinventing the study “abroad” experience

According to a recent report from the American Council on Education (ACE), fewer than 10 percent of U.S. undergraduates currently participate in study abroad programs. But some innovative colleges and…

WPI to host institute on project-based learning

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) will host an intensive program this summer to collaborate with other colleges and universities looking to engage students in project-based learning at their own institutions. The 2015…

Faculty-developed tools that bend the curve on student engagement

Three years ago, several colleagues at the University of Ottawa made a push to ban the use of laptops in the classroom, citing concerns that students were not engaged during…

3 considerations for the device-agnostic class

The open question on U.S. campuses is not if students are bringing their own devices or how to connect them to the institutional network, but rather: how do you support…

edX: This is how you do online courses for credit

Offering online courses for credit is a unique endeavor for each institution, but the fundamentals are the same: To offer courses for credit, you need to verify student I.D. and…

STEMing the skills shortage: How institutions can nurture science education

At first glance, arguing that we urgently need to pay more attention to STEM subjects seems alarmist. It’s a well-funded area, almost universally acknowledged to be essential to our social…

Does financial literacy ed need a “flipped” boost?

iGrad and the University of Illinois (UI) have launched a financial literacy instructor certification program. The online course will be led by Scott Johnson, Program Coordinator of the Illinois Online Network…

Anonymous feedback tool aims to enhance faculty communication

eXplorance, a Learning Experience Management solution provider, has announce the availability of Bluepulse version 1.5. The new formative assessment software is geared to boost teaching effectiveness and student engagement while…

Does online learning really promote plagiarism?

According to a new study, there is no significant difference between levels of plagiarism between traditional brick-and-mortar institutions and online institutions. However, that doesn’t mean plagiarism isn’t rampant in higher…

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