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Curriculum & Instruction

Really? Universities creating ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneur degrees

If you're not watching ABC’s critically acclaimed entrepreneur-themed show Shark Tank, you're missing out. Now in it's fifth season with more than 8 million viewers, entrepreneurs pitch in front of six…

6 persuasion strategies for education leaders in the digital age

Best-selling author Dan Pink kicked off ASCD’s annual conference in Los Angeles by noting how important persuasion is to education leaders’ jobs—and yet the dynamics of persuasion have changed radically…

4 ways to make your course more engaging

Mobile technology and its use in the classroom is booming across the country; but outside of the ‘cool tech’ aspect, many educators struggle to understand why students find tech-connected classrooms…

Competency-based learning proving popular

At a January conference in Washington, D.C., two representatives from Western Governors University claimed that the institution had transitioned from an experiment in competency-based learning to a “proof of concept.”

19 leaders emerge in new degree programs

The Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN) has selected 19 colleges and universities to address shared challenges to designing and developing competency-based degree programs and related business models.

This initial cohort…

Here’s how to reach every student brain

By now, most educators know that classroom practices such as differentiating instruction, critical thinking, and making the environment less stressful for students are critical to a 21st-century education. But…why does…

How colleges are propelling women into computer science-and why

If there is any hope of reversing the stunning decline of women’s participation in computer science, it is going to take an effort of moonshot magnitude radiating from Washington, D.C.

SAT gets an overhaul, partners with Khan Academy

Major changes are coming to the SAT, the College Board announced Wednesday at SXSWedu, including a test preparation partnership with the nonprofit learning website Khan Academy.

"We're thrilled to…

INFOGRAPHIC: STEM facts that should shock you

By now every stakeholder in education is aware of ‘the STEM crisis,’ but with an increased focus on K-12 STEM curriculum, are post-secondary students attaining STEM degrees? How did the…

Ed-tech highlights from SXSWedu

Couldn't make it to SXSWedu this week? Hey, neither could we -- but we've still got you covered.

Now in it's fourth year, SXSWedu brings together some of the…

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