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Curriculum & Instruction

Student-led TEDx aims to bridge curricular gap

With growing pressure for students to focus on STEM, pioneering undergraduate students from one university recently decided to focus not just on science, but on a "coalescence" of science and…

How to apply game-based learning to course curriculum

Education-specific games are not the best way to incorporate games into curricula—a sentiment perhaps unexpected by an avid game-based learning professor. This is just one of several tips given by experts…

Can technology reshape adult education?

A national survey of stakeholders from across the adult education ecosystem finds significant enthusiasm and desire for instructional technologies among those serving the nation’s underprepared adult learners. An overwhelming majority…

Professor: Here’s what I learned from SXSWedu

This year’s SXSWedu—a Conference and Festival invites educators from different spaces—featured high profile opening and closing speakers such as Charles Best, founder of, Goldie Hawn and Sal Khan, as…

MIT to release new online homework review system

In computer-science classes, homework assignments consist of writing programs. It’s easy to create automated tests that determine whether a given program yields the right outputs to a series of inputs.…

Study: This is why mobile is king on campus

Mobile use among college students is on the rise, and has jumped 40 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to new research released by McGraw-Hill Education. The second annual report, "The…

Chalk & Wire aligns assessment platform with LMS offerings

Chalk & Wire has unveiled a newly upgraded ePortfolio Connect Server (EPCS) to smooth accessibility and eliminate duplicate data entry between the company’s industry-leading assessment platform and top learning management…

New app template targets interactive lesson creation

Instructors could create interactive, self-guided lessons for their students using a software startup's cross-platform app template based on Purdue University intellectual property. Kevin Hannon, founder of Active Lesson LLC, created the…

New pathway in higher-ed sifts out serious professionals

You could almost call the program a trial for those who say they want to be serious professionals: know which skills you need to improve; improve those skills; self-motivate; rely…

Website aims to replace community colleges

Could an online education resource eliminate the need for community colleges? Such an undertaking might seem drastic, but it’s exactly what the newly re-launched aims to accomplish.…

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