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Curriculum & Instruction

Panel suggests giving students college algebra alternatives

A Missouri Department of Education committee is recommending that two- and four-year public colleges that require algebra for graduation instead give students the option of taking statistics or other math…

New trends in course materials aim to help Millennials

According to a new report from the National Association of College Stores (NACS), annual student spending on college course materials in the United States has declined steadily over the past…

Blackboard unveils totally redesigned learning platform

Blackboard Inc. today launched the ‘New Learning Experience’--an educational approach that focuses on the learner and promotes better engagement, interaction and quality learning by bringing together and simplifying the learner’s…

Why it’s critical to pair content with lab for course success

While some employers are turning to on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs, those can only take employees and the industry so far. In reality, we as higher education administrators and faculty…

Big names partner to provide better e-Textbook service

StraighterLine, a provider of low-cost online general education courses, has announced its digital textbook partnership with Vital Source, which offers the e-Textbook delivery platform for education, the VitalSource Bookshelf.…

College goes open source for training

UMBC Training Centers, a mid-Atlantic provider of technical, engineering and professional skills training, has announced a merger with /training/etc Inc., a leader in the design, development and delivery of content-rich…

Millions from DoD go to this university’s STEM program

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recently awarded the STEMPREP Project at Southern Methodist University a $3.78 million grant to support its goal of increasing the number of minorities in…

Major tech partnership to deliver “interactive” lectures

Top Hat, a digital learning platform for higher education, today announced it is teaming up with OpenStax College, Rice University’s non-profit educational materials initiative. …

An honest look into a liberal arts iPad program

Offering a realistic glimpse of what it’s like to try and use mobile technology in undergraduate and graduate courses in higher education, one rural, liberal arts college says the only…

Universities create national initiative for competency-based education

Several nonprofit and higher education organizations are collaborating to create new resources and opportunities in response to growing interest in competency-based education (CBE). This work includes the largest survey to date…

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