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Curriculum & Instruction

New college rankings include innovative schools

An annual college ranking report designed to help prospective students compare schools' academic quality this year includes a list of the most innovation schools across the nation, so named for…

Colleges rethink the math students need

How can colleges help students thrive in math courses? Dena DeYoung traces her trouble with math back to sixth grade, when a well-intended placement test showed she was smart enough…

Should education tenets adapt to online?

As I prepare for the fall semester, the impact of technology is more present than ever in my approach. This past year, multiple opportunities engaged me in online course design…

Adult coding camps explode as employers seek tech-savvy workers

With eight employer requests for every student currently accepted into its computer coding classes, Milwaukee-based DevCodeCamp is expanding the amount of space it leases and the number of students it…

3 legitimate reasons why faculty aren’t using OER

Faculty across institutions aren't using Open Educational Resources (OER)—and the few who are often don’t know they're using them, says an industry report. And the main reasons why faculty won't…

New Google –like search technology is curbing course dropouts

In the wake of the multimedia resources boom in campus courses across the world, sifting through hour-long recorded presentations or hundreds of pages of online text to find specific information…

Emerging field has huge potential for college and university curricula

In the data information age, both businesses and higher-ed institutions are scrambling for those trained in making sense of big data analytics. But what are the skillsets today’s students need…

Open texts predicted to save students $25 million

Rice University-based nonprofit OpenStax College has unveiled three new textbooks and said its growing catalog of free textbooks will save students an estimated $25 million in the 2015-16 academic year. OpenStax…

Why moving past the SAT is essential in today’s admissions

In 2013, graduate programs received 1.97 million applications and accepted about 40.5 percent of applicants. The process relies heavily on standardized test scores to vet and decide which applicants to…

Old texts inspire new thinking about math teaching

Central Washington University math professor Dominic Klyve is pioneering a novel new way to teach math — by relying on some of the oldest mathematical texts ever written. Klyve has been…

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