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Curriculum & Instruction

The best videos for faculty professional development

Professional development, typically referred to as continued training for teachers and educators, seeks to improve learning and teaching. But just how exactly does it accomplish that? What types of tips and strategies…

How to coach a ‘digital educator’ (Part 1)

Got Technology? Ah, yes, we’re inundated with it. Technology lingers at the hub of almost every sector of our lives, work, and now, education. Its influx into the education arena has…

Op-ed: Does this new curriculum cross the line?

Unfortunately, it seems that school violence has reached an all-time high, as ‘kids will be kids’ bullying has escalated from hurt feelings to suicide, and banned items from campus have…

Universities to take back control of digital resources

Four large research universities have formed a new consortium in an attempt to wrestle control over the digital learning landscape from educational technology companies, the founders announced Wednesday.


Tech-savvy doesn’t mean internet-savvy

Many people, pundits and educators alike, operate under the assumption that the current generation of students is the most technologically savvy in history. While today’s young people certainly are surrounded by…

How competency is changing mainstream education

I tend to see competency-based courses/alternative credentialing like solar energy: They both sprang from urgent need; they are practical, yet challenge the status quo; and both were technically around long…

‘Brogrammers,’ ‘hogrammers,’ and the gender gap

‘Brogrammers,’ ‘hogrammers,’ and the gender gap

The rise of the brash, stylish, computer-geek-turned-cool-guy known simply as a “brogrammer” among popular technology startups threatens to further alienate women from enrolling in computer science courses, where for years…

10 popular, banned books

Reading is still a central part of learning, and with the current emphasis on eBooks and 21st century learning in school and campus libraries, it’s hard to imagine any book…

5 retention strategies across campus

One of the biggest reasons I stuck with my private liberal arts college (Kenyon) was because of small classes and a really pretty landscape. Digging a little deeper, it was…

How ‘collaborative learning’ is transforming higher education

At Duke University, business school students use a state-of-the-art “virtual lecture hall” to have conversations with CEOs and fellow students from around the world.…

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