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Curriculum & Instruction

Does online learning really promote plagiarism?

According to a new study, there is no significant difference between levels of plagiarism between traditional brick-and-mortar institutions and online institutions. However, that doesn’t mean plagiarism isn’t rampant in higher…

Campus seeks to get high-risk students access to college

An Ohio college will try to make it easier for low-income and first-generation students to attend college through a new initiative. Antioch College is launching a program called ReinventED Lab +…

UCSC opens new virtual reality lab

UC Santa Cruz’s new “CAVE Lab” creates a three-dimensional virtual reality in which users can interact, opening new possibilities for research and education. The system, called a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment,…

Technology edging out humanities at Ohio colleges

Fewer students are enrolling in humanities majors at Ohio colleges amid an upswing in the popularity of science and business programs, according to federal data. Traditionally the bedrock of a college…

Google embeds engineers as professors

Howard University freshman Alanna Walton knew something was different about the professor teaching her introduction to computer science course. First, there was her name: Professor Sabrina. She was an African American…

3 ways tech can support future digital learning

Institutions of higher education should identify and implement technologies that support student learning, should welcome blended learning environments, and should ensure degree programs adapt to students' digital needs, according to…

Harvard partners with liberal arts colleges for business programs

Harvard Business School's online digital education initiative has announced that it has entered into agreements to work with several U.S. liberal arts colleges to provide additional benefits for their students…

Could this be a new direction for assessment?

Among high impact educational practices there are few more controversial than assessment. The leading reason cited by reviewing agencies for not handing out the revered 10-Year Reaffirmation accreditation is that the…

University launches iPad-powered bachelor’s program

Lynn University is launching an iPad-powered online bachelor's degree program, which will be called iLynn. "Technology has enabled us to reimagine college," said Lynn President Kevin M. Ross. "We have been…

University upgrades STEM tools

FEI and the George Washington University (GW) are partnering to install several new high-performance microscopes at GW's Science and Engineering Hall. The new, $275 million, 500,000-square-foot research facility will soon be…

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