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Campus Administration

5 steps to help CBE topple the credit hour

Colleges and universities weary of the barriers currently associated with the credit hour may find an alternative CBE solution within a new framework. The adoption of competency-based programs has become increasingly…

Community colleges seeking money to hold onto students

SUNY's community colleges are seeking increased funding of $250 per student for initiatives to hold onto students and decrease the number of remedial classes they have to take. SUNY Adirondack President…

Is faculty career flexibility the next disruptive innovation?

The need to redefine faculty career flexibility is derived from an urgency to not only innovate college and university offerings for students to remain competitive in higher education, but also…

How is Obama’s plan affecting community college practice?

President Obama’s proposed “free community college” plan sounds great in theory, but how does this proposal affect community colleges? Will key characteristics like mission, administrative duties, and even curriculum, need…

New research released on alternative pathways for degrees

New research released Friday (February 20th) sheds light on how two approaches to creating alternative pathways to college graduation for post-traditional students are working. The American Council on Education's (ACE) Center…

University places 98 percent of grads in careers-here’s how

Six months after graduation, 98 percent of a recently graduated class is employed or attending graduate school. Members of the Class of 2014 at Bentley University were hired by some of…

University admits some students–with an online catch

Timothy Austin, a Jacksonville high-school senior, scanned the University of Florida admissions letter and then lost interest. Who really reads every single sentence in a rejection letter? What he didn't realize…

Four new research areas could revitalize universities

As universities strive to stand out and attract talented students, a new report predicts that some of higher education’s top priorities will focus on ensuring post-graduation success and building online…

Higher Ed’s 2015 reading list for faculty & admin

Who says that higher education isn’t the protagonist in some dystopian YA novel? From topics such as how to master “hot topics” like entrepreneurship and community engagement for instructors, to…

New tool targets enrollment trends

A new interactive tool that uncovers nationwide trends in higher education is designed to help college administrators understand the trends impacting college enrollment, such as demographics and high school graduation…

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