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Campus Administration

10 topics every college website should cover in 2015

The Kyle David Group has released a new whitepaper that breaks down the most essential elements that every college website should have. Without a doubt, it is vital that today’s…

5 ways to increase college affordability

A New Jersey college has issued a report that recommends a number of changes to make college more affordable and easier to complete. The report also identifies ways to give students…

Why campus IT systems are moving to human-centered design

When students have negative interactions with a school’s online systems, it hurts the brand and the bottom line—problems that are all too common in higher education. Luckily, there’s a relatively…

Number 5: College presidents predict 4 new institutional models for higher-ed

A new think-tank-esque collection of leading college and university presidents last year came together to discuss the trends and disruptions shaping higher education thanks to new technologies and the evolving…

ED releases long-awaited college ratings system

The Obama administration on Dec. 19 is releasing the rough outlines of a much-anticipated college ratings system that may grade schools on such factors as graduation rates, loan repayments and…

3 technologies revolutionizing admissions

Thanks to a electronic transcripts, crowd-sourcing and big data, students and admissions offices are finding it easier to manage enrollment processes.…

Campus visits now include choosing a career

The University Of Evansville (UE) may hold a unique approach suited for the future of college enrollment: A career advantage program (CAP) that gets students started with career planning as…

New multi-state network created for faculty collaboration

The Association of American Colleges and Universities has announced a new project centered on the creation of a multi-state network of resources and information for faculty members that is aimed…

Accreditation is bigger than a chicken-and-egg problem

Sylvia Manning, former president of the regional accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission, who was also infamously embroiled in the closure of Altius Education, has published a paper with the…

Being a social CIO at a liberal arts college

Perhaps the most important role that a Chief Information Officer has, is to be an advocate for the role of technology at the senior leadership level.…

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