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Campus Administration

Helicopter parents find their helipad

A new online portal at University of Tennessee at Martin allows parents to check their students grades, attendance, and more.

To many in higher education, “helicopter parents” can be…

University leaves student data exposed for 11 months

Sensitive personal information of 146,000 students and recent graduates at Indiana University -- including names, addresses, and Social Security numbers – may have been exposed after the data was kept…

Bitcoin tuition payments: Revolution or PR stunt?

A university in England has become the first public institution to accept the digital currency bitcoin as payment for course fees, though the announcement has some skeptics decrying the move…

Top 10 ed-tech stories of 2013, No. 7: Sustainability

“Flipped” and adaptive learning programs gained traction on campus. A high-profile internet hoax involving a college athlete propelled the term “catfishing” into the public consciousness. MOOCs hit some key stumbling…

Smart phones could be lifelines for college students

Add another function to smart phones on college campuses: a potential life-saving device for at-risk students. The University of California Davis campus Dec. 9 unveiled a mobile site known as…

New York campuses share information technology services

Two upstate State University of New York campuses have launched a program to share information technology services and facilities.

The University at Albany and Hudson Valley Community College…

Five ways to save money on campus IT

Virtualizing desktops and servers, implementing more energy-efficient technologies, and sharing IT services across institutions are among the many ways that campus IT departments nationwide are saving money.

In this…

Gates: Community colleges should give MOOCs a try

It’s not often that the phrases massive open online courses (MOOCs) and community colleges are paired together, and when they are it’s not usually with a positive connotation.

College applications: What are schools really selling?

Foreign policy brings us the expression “leading from behind” and the phrase might also describe the thing that is parenthood – especially during the kids’ college search, the Christian Science…

Competency-based degree programs in higher education: Opportunities and challenges

Competency-based learning in higher education recently increased in popularity and support due to the need for more efficiency and transparency in the higher education sector. The third-party groups invested in…

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