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Campus Administration

New college rankings include innovative schools

An annual college ranking report designed to help prospective students compare schools' academic quality this year includes a list of the most innovation schools across the nation, so named for…

4 characteristics of a good ed tech investment

Forget MOOCS, say technology investors. What higher education institutions should invest in are personalized learning platforms that provide simple data on outcomes.…

The 5 phases of a campus-wide technology pilot

ePortfolio-committee-GWUThanks to the grassroots effort of an ad hoc committee at the George Washington University (GWU), students and faculty now have campus-wide access to a vetted ePortfolio program--an education-enhancing program,…

University goes “Mad Men” for technology buy-in

In implementing any major tech initiative on campus today, the greatest challenges tend to revolve more around change management than technical issues. So, to help introduce its new cloud-based HR…

New ranking system uses social, research-based criteria

A new college ranking system from Washington Monthly magazine takes a different approach to ranking the nation's colleges and universities while exploring with industry experts the ins and outs of…

In this tech age, who’s your target learner?

What will university learners require in 10 years? Who will these learners be? How will they learn and what will they demand? Universities must innovate and evolve now to be…

What does collaboration really look like?

Recently, the term “collaboration” has become higher education’s latest buzzword, with multiple conference speakers touting its importance, as well as everyone from CIOs to professors exclaiming that collaboration is imperative…

New partnership tackles higher-ed admissions

A new strategic partnership will allow Kira Talent's Kira Academic to embed its video interviewing capability directly into Hobsons' line of application and admissions customer relationship management (CRM) products, giving…

Biggest cloud challenge? Hint: It’s not the technology

Today, schools are focused on the upside of cloud deployments for everything from LMSs to SISs—and that upside can be truly significant. But even as earlier fears about the cloud…

Where to start? These are the basic technologies to improve retention

Student attrition from institutions of higher learning is an epidemic in the United States. According to a report by the National Student Clearinghouse, only 55 percent of first-time college students…

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