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Campus Administration

New tool targets enrollment trends

A new interactive tool that uncovers nationwide trends in higher education is designed to help college administrators understand the trends impacting college enrollment, such as demographics and high school graduation…

Why higher ed should be more like Formula One (and less like NASCAR)

As individuals who have taught in higher education classrooms, we know that when it comes to the next generation of innovative technology, professors are looking for two things: effective solutions…

Op-ed: Internet time vs. academic time

A question that I’m asked in almost every interview is how I handled the transition from being an entrepreneur to working at a small liberal arts college. Implied is the question:…

CIOs give 5 tips for being successful on social media

Just attend any national higher education conference and you’ll see that being a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at an institution today also means being active on social networking sites. CIOs…

Why “aggressive enrollment” may be the future

When it comes to communicating with prospective students, onprofit higher education institutions outperform nonprofits on key inquiry response benchmarks, according to "Comparing Inquiry Response Strategies at Nonprofit and For-Profit Higher…

Op-ed: What comes first: The mission or the technology?

“Yes, but tell me: How does this proposed project tie into our mission?” Sound familiar? If not, it should. With the current pace of technology, if your technology strategy does not…

Full-time college enrollment may not work for all

Findings from an effort to benchmark the persistence patterns of non-first-time (NFT) college students indicate that NFT students are less likely to drop out and more likely to complete an…

6 steps to make your college workforce-ready

In the wake of President Obama’s SOTU address, national organizations and foundations are starting to bolster support for what they say are critical higher education-business pipelines, with the aim of…

Why colleges must move beyond BYOD

While many higher-ed IT shops are still struggling to handle the flood of mobile devices onto campus networks, some industry experts now advise schools to adopt a broader strategy that…

10 topics every college website should cover in 2015

The Kyle David Group has released a new whitepaper that breaks down the most essential elements that every college website should have. Without a doubt, it is vital that today’s…

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