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10 higher ed blogs worth the quick read in 2016

Though Twitter is always good for a quick one-sentence thought-and-reply, it’s still blogs that evoke not only the most thoughtful opinion summations from its authors, but also attract a community…

Initiative aims to boost female leadership

A new initiative aims to ensure that, by 2030, half of U.S. college and university chief executives are women. Moving the Needle: Advancing Women Leaders in Higher Education was launched by…

College finances improve, but students still shoulder burdens

College and university finances have largely rebounded from the 2008 recession, but students still shoulder the bulk of education-related costs at most postsecondary institutions through tuition, according to a new…

Snapshot: Higher ed competency-based education looks like this

According to a new national survey of over 170 diverse institutions across the U.S., nothing is more important to a competency-based education (CBE) program than designing “measurable and meaningful assessments.”…

Administrators devise 6 ways to boost online course enrollment

Boosting course enrollment for online learning may seem easy, but for an extended campus that relies not only on adjunct faculty, but funding from tuition, boosting course enrollment is not…

Student services key to campus recruitment

More than ever, serving students is a big priority at Wisconsin's La Crosse colleges and universities. As public funding for higher education falls, recruitment is becoming more and more important for…

Leaders give their 2016 higher-ed predictions

Virtual Reality is the technology that will dominate 2016, and data will basically permeate every aspect of campus decision-making. At least, that’s what a handful of higher-ed’s innovation and technology…

Most Popular of 2015, No. 4: University breaks student engagement record–here’s how

According to a recent National Survey of Student Engagement, students earning an online degree reported feeling as connected and engaged as those studying at traditional universities – if not even…

Most Popular of 2015, No. 5: College presidents predict new institutional models

A new think-tank-esque collection of leading college and university presidents came together to discuss the trends and disruptions shaping higher education, thanks to new technologies and the evolving global economy.…

Editorial Pick 2015: College president reimagines analytics with dramatic success

It increased student enrollment while reducing student recruitment expenses, increased course completion and persistence rates and informed policy changes across campus with effective results. It’s also completely autonomous and spearheaded…

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