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Controlling costs

How to calculate the real costs of developing and delivering MOOCs

Is a MOOC worth anywhere between $39,000 to $325,000 in development and delivery costs to your college or university? How do you know? For colleges and universities already on alert thanks…

Community colleges seeking money to hold onto students

SUNY's community colleges are seeking increased funding of $250 per student for initiatives to hold onto students and decrease the number of remedial classes they have to take. SUNY Adirondack President…

Accreditation is bigger than a chicken-and-egg problem

Sylvia Manning, former president of the regional accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission, who was also infamously embroiled in the closure of Altius Education, has published a paper with the…

5 questions for the cross-examination of higher ed

Higher education is in the dock in 2014. The questions are flying. Why does it cost so much? Why does it cost more each year? Why do so many students…

Universities now taking major gamble on one person

Imagine that you’re in debt, so much so that your house is on your bank’s radar for repossession. You have a little money, but not much, and you feel if…

Universities to take back control of digital resources

Four large research universities have formed a new consortium in an attempt to wrestle control over the digital learning landscape from educational technology companies, the founders announced Wednesday.


Top 10 ed-tech stories of 2013, No. 7: Sustainability

“Flipped” and adaptive learning programs gained traction on campus. A high-profile internet hoax involving a college athlete propelled the term “catfishing” into the public consciousness. MOOCs hit some key stumbling…

Community college to offer textbook-free degree

In what is seen as the next major innovation in cutting college costs, Virginia’s Tidewater Community College will offer a textbook-free degree program in the fall that could reduce the…

New study explores ResNet trends, challenges

New study explores ResNet trends, challenges

Residential networks (ResNets) are essential to today’s college students, and universities are working tirelessly to secure and maintain them. A new report highlights important ResNet trends and challenges that campus…

ACE conference addresses college sustainability in troubled times

ACE conference addresses college sustainability in troubled times

This week, a panel of higher-education stakeholders gathered to discuss their greatest sustainability challenges during the economic downturn.…

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