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Campus Administration

Revamping campus branding

As colleges and universities face an increasingly competitive market, many are turning to create solutions when it comes to branding their campus image. inMotionNow, a provider of work management solutions for…

4 federal recommendations to improve accreditation

In the wake of online learning, competency-based education, and a host of other alternative pathways and programs, accreditation has been in the reformation spotlight this year. And now the government…

Higher education’s reinvention means faculty, too

The American Council on Education’s (ACE) Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) has released a new report focusing on how faculty internationalization efforts are impacted by tenure and promotion…

Science develops an algorithm for college selection—but does it work?

A new algorithm is using data and predictive analytics to determine, with noteworthy accuracy (90 percent), which institution is the best match for students. What makes it Jetson’s worthy is…

‘Going to college’ should be more like hiring a contractor

With a bachelor’s degree now the must-have job credential, pressure is mounting to find ways to make college more affordable. Most proposals to improve access for low-income students focus on tweaking…

5 major trends in higher education’s use of social media

If you want to know how other college and universities are using social media today, know this: they’re using it like any other social media-savvy millennial. From a spike in…

Your .edu site for 2016 looks like this

Add together social media strategy and digital marketing tactics, sprinkle with interactive design flare, then let rise in the hotbed of a campus community and you’ve got a .edu site…

What does it mean to be an online learning leader?

If online learning is to succeed as not only as a legitimate option for learning but as a respected platform within an institution, leadership has to build that respect through…

The IT issues that will dominate 2016

An EDUCAUSE preview during the organization’s annual conference of the “Top 10 IT Issues of 2016” encompassed what higher education IT departments have known for some time now: It’s time…

Starfish platform supports advising, retention

Hobsons has launched Starfish 6, the latest release of the Starfish student success platform. The Starfish platform is used by innovative colleges and universities across the country and globally to scale…

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