Prof-powered market debuts for creating online content

By Meris Stansbury
August 5th, 2015

Versal launches teacher-powered gadget market to help educators discover and share ready-made content to create custom interactive online courses, lessons, homework and more.

Copyright: Versal

Copyright: Versal

Versal, an open publishing platform for creating interactive online courses, today launched the Versal Gadget Market (beta): a new place for educators to discover and share content for use in Versal courses.

Within the Versal course publishing canvas, gadgets are building blocks that empower teachers to create new content, import existing materials and build interactive exercises. The new teacher-powered Gadget Market offers educators the opportunity to search and discover additional content, as well as share their own favorite gadgets.

Copyright: Versal

Copyright: Versal

The market already features over 1,000 free, pre-configured interactive exercises covering a wide variety of educational topics. From biology diagrams to music exercises and history timelines, the Versal Gadget Market aims to help educators rapidly create courses with rich content designed to engage today’s tech-savvy students.

A video on Versal’s New Gadget Market:


In addition to contributions from the Versal community, the Gadget Market will showcase content from education experts and publishers. Versal’s first partner is Wolfram Research, which is building a selection of math exercises using the Wolfram Cloud. Additional partners will be announced soon.

Copyright: Versal

Copyright: Versal

“Creating online courses and lessons can be time-intensive, yet the Internet offers a great opportunity for teachers to collaborate with their peers. That’s the vision behind the Gadget Market,” said Versal co-founder and CEO Gregor Freund. “Versal’s course creation platform makes it easy to integrate these customizable course-ready gadgets right into a lesson, resulting in seamless experience with the teacher’s own content.”

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